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Sangor Medical – Secrets of the mountain dwellers Most people in the highlands – centenarians. Why not just be written for this phenomenon: a special climate, healthy food, clean mountain water and so on. Probably a little of everything. But what is the main secret? Why the body is aging? One of the main reasons for a hundred measurements – deterioration of the blood supply to the tissues. This process begins at approximately the age of 25, or even earlier. But this urban "lowlands". On the "attic" – which later.

And all because rarefied atmosphere there. Reduced oxygen causes the body to use the hidden opportunities. The volume of the lungs, improves blood supply to organs and tissues – grow new blood vessels and capillaries, increases oxygen capacity of blood. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, gassed air and other capital "Joy", the urban population over the years, weakened joints and tendons, muscles lose their former strength. But here too the mountain elders luck: walking miles overcoming rough terrain, they continuously train their musculoskeletal system .. Change Moscow apartment on the hill of the same size problem is that to abandon the benefits Civilization is not so easy, and the mountains at all will not suffice.

There is a way: the special breathing exercises on the apparatus "mountain air" – gipoksikator. The unit is equipped with a metered supply of hypoxic and giperok-classical compounds. Hypoxic training is popular among office workers: in 10 sessions the body gets a powerful boost of energy, increases efficiency. Cheerfulness and Spouting life energy – is only visible part. Health promoting processes occurring in the body visible after the passage of a full course of 30 training sessions. A total of 30 lessons per year prolong your life for at least 3 years. "Walk" along the mountain heights can not leaving Moscow in a sanatorium Sangor.

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