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Beaming fresh bald head, Heron looked to the editor. – Well, finally you become like a man! – Almost lovingly looking at him, said Simon .- Now, I hope you appreciate all the advantages of this hairstyle. – Simon, you've always been and remains my idol. And my solemn duty – and always around you to emulate. – With a little overdone imitation of you. Still, some hair on my head still remained. – I am sure that there is not long survive him, and I'm just a little ahead of the event.

– You're going to rest, – said Simon is less friendly .- What the hell are you here to hang out? – I came to say goodbye to loved ones and friends of the chief before a long separation. – Then consider that we have already said good-bye – Simon growled and buried his head in the paper. In the hallway, surprising everyone with his new hairdo, Geron urged his colleagues to follow suit. He argued that the city was attacked by hordes of lice, and the only way to deal with them – it is to deprive their nutrient! – Well, the spitting image of Simon as a child! – Eddie threw up his hands – you do not accidentally relatives? – The authorities need to flatter – retorted Heron – otherwise you can spend a lifetime in the laboratory! – Yes, really, deeply licked – stated Eddie .- You're just a born climber! – Do not miss the guy too, if our boss is so often makes you such gifts – the journalist said, standing on the table looking at a new camera. .

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First Writer

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How do you feel about bugs? His? Stranger? How long will suffer from the acts committed? Get anything in return? Experience or a headache? Getting any new business, does not prevent to think about these issues. After each initiative depends precisely on how we relate to their own mistakes. And we treat them mostly wrong: we begin to abuse themselves and loved, in the end, throw the job. To avoid this, first determine its attitude to the error itself, and then read on what the error (look at all five) can make a beginning writer. See NYC Mayor for more details and insights. In this case clarify, novice writer is someone who can not write and write until you can too, as does the following error.

Mistake number 1. In a world of millions of books were written. All chewed a long time ago. Introduce something new to this literary universe is simply impossible. What is to receive another writer who will write about what was told to him? At first glance, these concerns are valid and they will not argue. But let us remember that, first of all, each year the writer’s silence, when hands with the head of sverbit desire to write, you accumulate anger and dissatisfaction with himself and the world, and secondly, the millions, even billions of books actually written and still write, but everyone – Is unique, it can and, significantly, to say his word to the world, and when he has a least some ability to live quietly disturbing, it is simply committing a crime against life, and not just their own.

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Apostle Island

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The city of St.Yala houses the muse who gathers people to forgive. Three Shrines store here in the greatness of peace, I love St. Petersburg, today, yesterday and old, from Holy Redeemer troubles of God’s destiny. In the emerald-Neva, and chestnuts in the alleys with areas I read ages wonderfully, fantastic world. In the gilded churches over their domes zastyvschimi, I see the angels home, framed in the Sky Sapphire. Russian city of Venice under the cover of the Apostolic passage. Way of the Cross on Calvary with Horse of the blockade of trouble.

You keep on loving prayers Xenia. Are you talking about, St. Petersburg, Russia for the predicted light … 2006. Sketches on the pilgrimage ship “Abbot Damanski.” Pilgrimage to Balaam.

Kisses motor vessel wave Cuts Ladoga surface. Under the cover of the sky crown Month went to spend the night. In the hold of little children fell silent – a long journey tired, and slept in the mast a whirlwind, to get some rest. Rocky island breathes, wise gray, And over the dining room roof, the Stars sat down to rest. Swim left “two steps only” boat on the waves. The beauty of the archipelago opens Balaam. Cross Worship We met at St. Nicholas monastery, pilgrimage and tea, treats all of his sister. The Apostle himself the Apostle Island still blessed. Beauty, God-given, Spirit pleading strengthened. Miracle of the island in the ocean – Everywhere Pushkin landscape here and in the monastic rank Sandy Fair. The cell had met with love: The smell of incense censer.

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