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WHERE THEY ARE THE CONFINES OF THE LAND? CONFINES OF the LAND mui is an important term, in view of Mr. Jesus Christ to have done use of the same, tries to it of its ascension to the sky. After its Resurrection, having appeared to the Apstolos that it chooses, for space of forty days, met Mr. same Jesuses with, in Jerusalem, speaking to them of the concernentes things to the Kingdom of God. Read more from McPlant to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Then, its last Words, before being raised for top, had been: ' ' But you will receive to be able, when going down on you the Espirito Santo, and will be me witnesses, as much in Jerusalem, as in all Judia and Samria, AND UNTIL the CONFINES OF the TERRA' '. (At.1: 8) Evidently that Jesus used this expression with relevance, in virtue of the application of the imperative ' ' YOU WILL BE ME TESTEMUNHAS' ' ; but, where accurately they are the CONFINES OF the LAND? Of beforehand, the meaning of CONFINES: Rays, borders; distant extremity.

In another occasion, facing the habitual incredulity of the scribes and the fariseus, Mr. Jesus used the mentioned one term, saying that the queen of the south (the queen of Sab) will arise itself in the Judgment with that generation (of the scribes and the fariseus), will condemn and it; because it left the CONFINES OF the LAND to hear the wisdom of Salomo, to the step that generation convivente with rejected it to Jesus Christ, It who is infinitely bigger that Salomo (Mt.12: 42; Lc.11: 31) Jesus commanded to the Apstolos for it to be witnesses, ' ' as much in Jerusalem, as in all Judia and Samria, and until the confines of terra' '. Today, It in commands so that it let us be witnesses, as much to them in our city, as in all our State and Country, and equally until the confines of the land.



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Ufologiafoi one of the most fragile victims of this climate, exactly because it deals with umfenmeno not-human being, but communicated by human beings. With effect, I invite oleitor to see that the incredulity in the Ufologia directly is related or is amesma of atesmo. You may wish to learn more. If so, Danny Meyer is the place to go. It is refused existence of God not properly porqueEle cannot be placed inside of a pipe of assay for the vainglory depfios scientists! Clearly that not! That is only the scientific FAADE dadescrena! What he bothers the atheists exactly and all the deDeus skeptics are not the fact to exist, but yes its ‘ supostos’ commanded, for logic we would have that obedec-LO and make-IT the wills! (it remembers that osmilitares also wanted that we were obedient) This implies that Ele one God-moral, ‘ ‘ wants ‘ impor’ this moral to commanded its Querprivar us of our freedom, our pleasures and escolhas’ ‘. From the summary rejection of the minute Moral deDeus, it can be seen why the skepticism grows done cupim and also the reason dadescrena in phenomenon UFO. He reasons with me as if I was a skeptic: ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ then he is because God noexiste.

If God does not exist, with as much people lying on It, then estamossolitrios in the creation: he must not have no form of life in the space. If noh life is there, then all the Ufologia is false! ' '. ' ' It is seen then that Gods, angels and ETs had been placed nolixo, not for being impossible to exist, but for being insuportveis! ' ' We do not want nobody bisbilhotando nossasvidas and pleasures! If God exists, the ETs must know that It exists, and with it, of some form, if to relate. Then they must be of the side of it. If they are allies, must also be moralistas.

Perhaps if they had not united, are malvolos human comotantos are. Worse: in the two hypotheses, the sumio of them is explained! ' '. Finally, she seems so simplria and piegas estaconcluso of that it is the antipatia to the Moral that creates all the incredulities, that umaconversa of these always irritating and will be predestinold to the failure, as it occurs with Ufologia and the religions. But it stops me it is enough. Not necessary to give to satisfactions the quemno it wants to give to satisfactions the God. My sussurrante cosmic solitude is enough! Prof. JooValente de Miranda).


Then Apartir

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Before it was I descend, now this going up. The change is brusque, however valuable, it disliked the God and now it pleases it. Now everything he is new: ) Heart (Eze 36,26) ‘ ‘ I will give a new heart to you, and will inside put of you a new spirit; I will take off of your meat the rock heart, and I will give a heart to you of carne’ ‘ The heart is the responsible agency for the bombardment of blood for all the organism, leading oxygen and all the nescessrios nutrients for the cells, and thus the life is only preserved. Others including savvy restaurateur, offer their opinions as well. The aspect of the new heart data for God literaliza if in the form of the new feelings and peculiar functions to the had behavior of a new person in Christ, where the functionality of the Biblical doctrine is taken for all the directions of a body adjusted with the bombardment of the new heart and the oxigenao of the Spirit well that produces life. B) Mind (I Color 2,16) ‘ ‘ Because, who knew the mind Mr., so that it can instruct it? But we have the mind of Cristo’ ‘

Since the moment that a person with sicero heart starts to live the new life, it has different its entendimeto of the previous life, that walked for its proper ways, its decisions were pautadas in the individuality; but now the presence of God molds, and permissive it places the objective, the vontadade, the desire, the feeling of Christ in its life. Then Apartir, all the wills and feeling of the person, voluntarily pass for the approval order Mr. Everything now if makes to please that one that above all loved, delivering it if asi exactly without guilt, similar of that as only the capable one takes off the guilt of culprits C) Thought (Fil 4,8) ‘ ‘ How much to more, brothers, everything what he is true, everything what he is honest, everything what it is just, everything what he is pure, everything what it is amiable, everything what it is of good fame, if has some virtue, and if it has some louvor, in this pensai’ ‘ Who can arrive at our thoughts, who can know until what still it goes to only arrive at our mind? We have in them the capacity given for God to accept or to reject, and still to search what to arrive at our mind.


The Path Of Life !

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Conversation between Germain Maps, journalist at Radio Presence, and s heart Mary Ancilla Dominican nun at Lourdes. I GM Therese of Lisieux and Ignatius went very far in a spiritual path and yet it was quite severely disabled people with injuries mainly psychological, scruples for Ignatius of Loyola, a very important psychological weakness Therese of Lisieux then the human injury may be a path of spiritual life? Can we still find a way to cause the injury? I do not mean “despite”, I mean “because. Restaurateur: the source for more info. A. Yes, certainly. But perhaps a little differently from the way the Saints were able to live in earlier centuries.

We live in a context where there is a certain view of the injury, a certain psychological approach to things and it is not possible to pretend that did not exist. There may be a difference in the way of monetizing, but basically a way is still possible. So what way? Today, we are likely to increase the place of injury and to make “the” path to God. The injury risk of becoming “the” spiritual path as if it were the end in itself which would mean: if the wound is healed, we draw near to God. It is a way of seeing, but is there not something much deeper which leads us to the discovery of the Father? There is perhaps a way to find out. GM What this implies as a condition, is it necessary to understand something about human nature, or the nature of God? A.

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A Love of God

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Understand? This is not necessarily purely with the intelligence that it is, but accept a certain view of the reality of what we are. There is perhaps humility – a word that most do not speak – which is a key, it is quite another thing than a psychological approach, but there is a human endeavor the basic recognition that we are limited, we can not do everything, there are areas of suffering in itself, there are lots of dreams that will never be feasible, it we are in a lot of things that can make us suffer: to accept at first that this is normal, this is the condition of man on earth. GM But how do you that this is no longer an obstacle? A. Here there is something that is about the gift and not the order of the healing provided by a specialist. It is the love of God that brings us even before we existed. One day – it is a gift and we must ask and be willing to accept – is the certainty of being loved in the depths of oneself in a way that surpasses everything. This is the basis of self-confidence, trust in God.

This is not explicit Christian faith: the Father who sent His Son, but it is a love that is our life. And here is the beginning of the road spiritual. GM Does this mean that from that moment we begin to need that someone who loves us? A.

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