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Posted by adminNY on December 11, 2020
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Necessary always act proactively in real life, which are at least as something you can move in the right direction: Want to earn more money – and good enough to write a really good resume. And even better – go to learn and increase your skills. Want to meet the love of life – to start the exit to the street, she is unlikely to knock on your door. Well, if you expect to get wealth and happiness are not alone, but by prince on a white horse, in this case you should at least take care of your appearance and health, as well as written above, go to where these princes are found and where a high probability they can be found. So conclusion here is simple, but extremely important: in order to get real results, then in addition to visualization, it is necessary to take real action. Pitfall number 2: the "law of attraction works by itself and will in any case" This item is associated with the previous one. Many people who viewed the film, relatively speaking, fall into euphoria and begin to think that they are bound to get what they want if they are "just follow the instructions." But this overlooks the one important point: our negative attitudes about money, love, happiness, and much more – the ones who do not normally get what you give, and, finally, to get rich – will continue to do their dirty work and now after the man began to use a secret attraction.

But the negative attitudes, such as money – it's one of the most important forces that affect our relationship with money, and worked them hard to move on and achieve good financial results, even using the law of attraction. Why? Because these anti-money setting will block the positive changes and reduce the work to an end. And in this case it is necessary to make A special effort to overcome these negative attitudes. This was, incidentally, writes Joe Vitale, one of the participants in the film, in one of his last books (of which I still write). He calls it a conflict of intentions. Therefore, the conclusion following: in parallel with the procedure described in the film 'The Secret', you should work with internal, deep negative beliefs about yourself man, the world and money. This is best done by training or during the consultation (coaching).

Pitfall number 3: "" The Secret "can help solve the problems of other people there have such a property: if we like something, we want to offer it to another. But here it is easy to break the invisible the dividing line between our own desires to the needs of those we want to "help". This I mean that with the help of the law involving not make the other person to improve his life, until he himself did not want and will not start use this (or any other) method yourself. Bottom line: if you want to change around – first change myself. And what methods will be used for this – the methods of positive psychology from the movie "The Secret" advice or pass training – by and large are not so important. Much more important to develop their ability not to fall into mental traps and learn to get out of them. Eugene Makhlin, author of the blog 'Psychology financial abundance 'See also: psychological analysis of the film' The Secret '(with video!)

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