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Do you know what are your auto cushions and how they work? Why it is important to keep them in perfect condition for a good performance and safety? The shock absorbers on your car are very important part for the proper handling of your car. Why I say this? If your car did not have shock absorbers you arrive without neck and with his vertebra heading to your destination. Shock absorbers are an important role in the smooth and safe handling of your car. They are subject to the bodywork of cars and the suspension long capsules. Danny Meyer has much experience in this field. The word of the name says it cushions they cushion the blow of the suspension with the body movement.

Imagine being a road pavement quite rugged with holes and levantones that makes raising and lowering the suspension violently. If the suspension were not flexible to absorb these deficiencies on that pavement, you would be leaving through the window of his vehicle in every movement that occurs. As you probably know, the suspension makes that these failures on pavements are not reflected so hard in the bodywork of your car. Suspensions are composed of springs and these are designed in two ways: 1. Multi-leaf 2.

Mono-Hoja spring multi-sheet this fact of various dishes of metal of different lengths stacked on each other. During normal operation, the spring is compressed to absorb the blows of the road. The springs are folded and slide between them allowing the suspension movement. The spring mono-hoja in a thin spring to half and decreasing towards the ends making much more flexible movement than the multi-sheet. This movement that I mention is what makes your car more stable and secure in that kind of pavements. Shock absorbers are those who control the vertical movement created by the springs. If they are in poor condition, the vehicle will not have stability. Do you know what are your auto cushions and how they work?

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