Tour Guide Of New York

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New York is one of the most impressive cities than it is possible to be visited, with one of most important the economic and cultural centers of the world. It must at least visit this city once in the life. If you already have bought his flight and reserved his hotel in New York, here she would find an itinerary towards the best places of interest of this incredible great city. The first time that visits New York, to discover the island of Manhattan is imperative: there it is where it found the best attractions. Generally, when one visits New York for the first time, it wants to visit all the districts from Brooklyn the Bronx happening through Queens. The problem is that often there is no too much time to visit each part of the city.

Manhattan is the perfect place to begin its visit of the Great Apple, always I advise to concentrate itself in the island of Manhattan since thence it will have all the main sites to his reach. Manhattan is an immense zone with very many things that to do. It is recommended to first begin the north of the island, visiting famous the Central Park. This park is the lung green of the city, ideal to relax, to do picnic, footing or simply to give a stroll. Another imperdible place, is the Metropolitan Museum of art.

This museum is one of greatest of the world. There the most incredible exhibitions can be seen, especially the Egyptian exhibition. A little more towards the south of the island, is Midtown Manhattan. Any fan of shopping must undergo a stroll by the Fifth Avenue, that is the commercial street of New York in which they are all the stores of mark. In that same zone it is another famous attraction: Times Square. Well-known for being the place that never to duer to me, this illuminated one at every moment of the day and at night. In this part of the city it would still more find museums and galleries of art, as the Guggenheim center or the American Museum of Folk Art. Since it is in this zone, because not to enjoy the most incredible view the great apple? It only needs to rise the Rockefeller center still more or above, to the Empire State Building. The island of Manhattan finishes with Downtown. Still, we do not have mentioned the incredible variety and gastronomical quality that is in the Great Apple, the truth is that a whole article would be deserved! Nevertheless the unique thing that you need to know is that China Town and Little Italy are the imperdibles districts to discover the restaurants most characteristic of New York. Also in that zone of the city the famous financial center is placed, where it is possible to be seen soothes of stock-market of Wall s$street. In order to finish, to the south of the island it is the Battery Park who is the perfect place to finish their visit. Thence the Statue of Freedom can be seen that is in the island of Ellis. If it desires to him to visit it, it only needs to give a pequeita excursion by boat. Go to sketch fab for more information. It would enjoy a precious panorama New York from the statue, while every moment of its stay in the Great Apple remembered. With regard to the author: Miguel Vicente is enthusiastic with the trips and writes on the hotels in New York. Miguel Vicente finishes finding a good hotel in New York for his next trip.

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Malaga Spain

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The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular places of Spain, along its coast extends the province of Malaga. Malaga is the capital of this area in the Andalusian region of Spain and is a large area of high concentration of historical, cultural and artistic wealth. Whatever the direction to which you travel in the city, you will find ruins, art and history that goes back hundreds of years. Thanks to the vibrant nightlife of this Mediterranean city, it can also be an idea of contemporary culture. An important to see in Malaga monument is the Alcazaba, which was the Palace of the Kings in the 11th century and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains that lead to a Roman Amphitheater. Today it is the Provincial archaeological museum. There, you will find many fascinating exhibitions showing pieces from other Mediterranean cultures and the Paleolithic times. Tourism in Malaga is really important and is therefore that all the days you can find hundreds of Touring every corner and tourists exploring everything the city has to offer.

Hotels in Malaga are quite majestic and luxurious since many of them are built in old buildings of great historical and architectural wealth. The Cathedral of Malaga is an important landmark of the area. Such a cathedral was founded by the Catholic monarchs and takes from 1528 until 1782 to be built, although the East Tower has been closed. The main altar is lit by the natural light that is filtered by the retrochoir and sitting in the choir area. When visiting the Cathedral of Malaga you also realise the beautiful paintings and structures of wood carving at throughout the Cathedral. Besides Malaga museums and churches, the House of Pablo Picasso in the Plaza de la Merced is another mandatory point of visit in the city.

This famous artist and sculptor born in Malaga in 1881. You can see her birthplace, as well as a new museum that opened its doors for a long time and is a beautiful place where some of his paintings can be seen. Many hotels in Malaga also they have some representative works of this artist. As in all the cities of Andalusia, Malaga is a city very pleasant, both day and night, especially when you are near a feast day. Holidays are times of celebration often as a celebration as the Epiphany, Easter, or the fair of Flamenco during the summer. However, you don’t have to wait until a celebration to experience the spirit of Andalusia. You may find Bill de Blasio to be a useful source of information. Source: History, art and culture in Malaga

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Guayaquil History Art

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The majority of tourists who come to Guayaquil just overnight one night, to visit the next day the fascinating Galapagos Islands. But this lovely town has an architecture full of surprises and a local cuisine able to get closer to the more traditional culture. Many tourists take to Guayaquil as a city of step where they rest only overnight to set sail the next day toward the Galapagos Islands. However, Guayaquil is a vibrant metropolis where you can satisfy your thirst for culture and discovering age-old traditions of the hand of an as simple as delicious gastronomy. The hand of the historiUn tour the Malecon Simon Bolivar will allow you to get very relaxed to the main treasures of Guayaquil. With the Guayas River as a backdrop, you’ll see with astonishment how the protagonists are changing. On your route you’ll find the same ultra-modern Crystal Palace to the Moorish Tower, a monument out of the thousand and one nights. To culminate with a flourish await you the Gardens, a green oasis adorned with small squares and bandstands.

Guayaquil also proposes you to delve into its history from the hand of art. Here is the oldest Museum of Ecuador and the largest city: the Municipal Museum. Surely not you go unnoticed the stick of the sorcerer, a huge wood carving of Guasango regarded as the most important totemic pole of the Americas. The journey can continue at Museo Nahim Isaias, whose 2,500 pieces you remontaran to the colonial era. Experience Unicaotra of the mandatory stops in Guayaquil is the Cerro de Santa Ana. Will take you about 25 minutes climb the 465 steps but very soon you will realize that the effort is well worthwhile. The facades of the houses, painted in vivid colors contrasting, acceding as perennial travel companions.

Between one and another, no shortage of bars, handicraft shops and the small squares where you can regain strength before continuing the escalation. If you plan a longer break, nothing better than to spend these hours in the restaurant El Vigia. Sit at a table facing the stairs to enjoy the go and come from tourists while you savor the guayaquilenos dishes. Try the humitas, the hallacas and fish encebollado. Surely you chuparas you fingers. As a final point, you should know that flights to Guayaquil have increased in recent years, mostly due to the expansion of its airport which, incidentally, it is only five kilometres from the city centre. Therefore, it won’t you difficult to find a suitable travel offer. To find low cost flights, remember that the key is anticipation. Check out the web pages of the major online travel agencies and enter your dates of travel cheap flights Finder.

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