The Exhibition The Dali Universe In Venice

Posted by adminNY on January 02, 2017

Dali was not always popular, and he will not be popular, of all people which beach to visit the Museum on the occasion of a vacation in Venice, the exhibition includes sculptures in bronze, glass and gold, which were created by the artists at different times of his life, and remember to some works that have world famous Dali: hallucinogenic bullfighter, the persistence of memory, Space-Venus and the elephant in the room are just a few of the sculptures, which are the perfect setting for the presentation to the general public in this exhibition not far from the Rialto Bridge. The exhibition includes signs of the times, when the artist had a relationship of friendship, deeply changed his life. Friendship with Federico Garcia Lorca was a stimulating artistic relationship, occasionally toxic and slightly positive for the poet for the artist. With him and his colleagues in the Academy of fine arts of San Fernando, Dali discovered Cubism and Dadaism, the major classical works, and the Main topics of the international literature, which he reproduced later in these characters that are unique in the world, and in his first book. Also some works that were influenced by the psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud, formed almost a child’s relationship with the Dali belong to the exhibition. The worm and the Angel is the echo of the duality and everything that is hidden in every being.

As the egg, another element that fascinated by Dali, the shell of the snail under a tough appearance hides a weak inner side, which must be protected and maintained. The discovery of this inner page can bring to the liberation, which can be dangerous, then we need to crave, if we become like the snail, which is touched by an Angel, a being, wishing that goes from a standstill to fly to the gods. The tourists who are staying in a residence Venice, can admire also the popular elephant in the room, and this is Dali interpretation of the power, a temptation of St. Anthony could not resist, and the is represented with an obelisk. The sculpture is taken by the spectacular image that was created in New York City. In this picture, four elephants follow the Holy Antonius horse through the desert by the temptations on thin legs, which are high as stilts.

Later sculptures are exhibited in the exhibition of the Dali universe, and some come from the seventies and from the collection of the surrealist artist created for his friend Isidoro clot. The exhibited works include also recreations such as space Venus, a representation of the transience of human beauty and the unlimited nature of the art beauty that is eternal. The glass sculptures are the fruit of the cooperation with the gallery shop Daum Cristallerie in Paris in the 1960s. Dali often used the glass to create works with a nearly oil-like, virtual, or beautiful texture, such as Cyclops. Dali was not always popular, and he is not by all people, the Museum on the occasion of a holiday in Venice g visit, be popular. It is however sure that the painter, poet, and 360-degree artist, as he defines in his home town of Figueres, leaves nobody completely intact. Alba L

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