The First

Posted by adminNY on April 30, 2019

ALWAYS wash the car raining do you ever happened that after having the car washing and give you a beating it has been raining and it has become to wash again with rain? This is a classic, which is repeated a lot people and we will disarm him. The first question you must ask is, does is logical that that I wash the car will result that rain? And I in my turn I wonder do you think that atmospheric destiny will collude to annoy you to you because I have seen you work with sponge and SOAP in your car? What might you have not? A round of applause for you that dominate atmospheric that way even if it is against you. But going a little further, I’m seeing that you’re a very uncooperative person. And I why am unsupportive if whenever I can I help everyone, if up to peco’s good-natured? Well son, because it could happen you wash your damn car in July and August when so much faltita makes us water! Or when there is a persistent drought and wetlands walk at 10%. Or when there are so many forest fires and would be good that they go off with a good storm already go seeing that what you said above whenever I wash the car it rains is a true tontuna that is only in your head?, do you could think a little better of? do now in forward before you speak and be more consistent with your words? Well, after this small rina, I’ll explain what this thought of yours which you both pesters, but I’m going to explain that solutions it and delete it from your head. In our society that likes to smell as well, full of lotions, colonies, deodorants and other masks, which decrease our senses to atrofiantes limits, we nevertheless still continue preserving some of our faculties, but in fact do not even give us account that we have them.

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