The Jobs

Posted by adminNY on December 18, 2020

This fact means a significant increase in opportunities for individual employees but also an increase in the requirements and increased insecurity. Because working life and careers have changed fundamentally with these developments. Conventional stringent There are resumes only in the rarest of cases. Hardly a professional offers more security to pursue him in one and the same company until the retirement age. The traditional professional ascent over the individual hierarchy levels within the company loses more and more in importance. Success in attaining a specific position, but rather in the degree of satisfaction, autonomy and responsibility, the work brings shows can be found now. The fulfilment of these criteria is extremely varied and opens up endless possibilities.

These choices are however also on employers, because for one and the same task, there are now often various qualified candidates who can accomplish the task equivalent in their own specific way. Not rarely develop such as so-called teacher such qualities that they can quite enough water a designated expert. The jobs change Moreover nowadays more often than in the Past, and so there is no security, confidence and support, resulting from many years of cooperation and relations between Manager and employee. Much more than earlier is it now in the hands of the workers themselves, as he designed his work life. The multitude of possibilities requires of him to show individual initiative and to assume responsibility for his work. Personal professional development, updating of the necessary knowledge and the necessary skills and motivation to high performance more be stimulated most by any Manager, but be solely the responsibility of the employees themselves. As in the professional world, the impact of drastic changes and developments which characterise our present show in almost all areas of our life. And if man does not also changed, he will get sooner or later no longer in the world that surrounds him. The only question is: which direction should the man change actually, if it in more and more styles are our complex world, where you can follow? Attempting to follow so many directions and aspects as possible and to meet the largest possible number of challenges or requirements that holds our time, is equally hopeless as also nonsensical.


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