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Posted by adminNY on April 13, 2015

What this means in the practical one? That challenges present it to designer/elaborator? What and as to make to win the challenges? How to assure the quality of the elaborated materials? How to know if they are consistent? These are some of the many investigations that hardly could be answered without the aid of the evaluation. Evaluation in this work mentions &#039 to it; ' critical and systematic reflection of information gotten in the instrucional process of design and use of the information for improvement of the quality of the materials being elaborados.' ' For one evaluation of developed content continues can be adopted the avaliativa periodic strategy to assure the quality, indispensable today when designer it is constantly defied with the function to join the social one with practical and the educational changes. What it sends to the concept of informative evaluation of (Scriven, 1983) not representing innovation some, therefore this concept is used has much time. For times educators they try the implantation of diversified forms of differentiated didactic materials for a bigger understanding of its learning. According to Perrenoud (1993), the evaluation of the learning, in the new paradigm, is a mediating process in the construction of the resume and if it finds related closely to the management of the learning of the pupils. In the majority of the editoraes the material was mounted with assists of research with the white public, then after the text body was revised in accordance with the gotten sampling.

This is not the only moment where the evaluation happens in the process. 2. DEVELOPMENT AS THE FORMATIVE EVALUATION CAN HELP IN THE DESIGN? The evaluation of the learning has its principles and characteristics in the field of Psychology, being that the two first decades of century XX had been marked by the development of standardized tests to measure the abilities and aptitudes of the pupils.


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