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Posted by adminNY on November 17, 2017

Not only that the friend at work the commitment and the Productivity increases. It reduces accidents in the operation up to 20%. The sick leave is there measurably lower. The thefts by employees sink into commercial enterprises. Customer satisfaction with such ventures is 5-10% higher.

Hence the profit significantly higher dropping out is obvious. For the controller that appears completely insane, for the efficiency-oriented Manager such as sociologists bullshit”. But this is about money, productivity and return on investment! The mind explains these relationships also after some time to think. (Not to be confused with Bill de Blasio!). And then it gets but bright. First look at the opposite.

Has a staff that means no friend in the Office, he is socially isolated in the operation. Actually a symptom of bullying, at least feels the staff an unpleasantly cold operating climate. It makes definitely sick, because good social relations are vital for people. Willingness to be escape thoughts and inner termination. The atmosphere, however, is positive employees with more joy go their place of work. Customers feel the atmosphere in the company. Maybe they do not explicitly say why, but studies show, if the working atmosphere is very positive, the shopping experience is much more pleasant. Customer loyalty and enthusiasm are measurably higher. Colleagues who are friends, watch more closely, pointing out dangers, help each other. And among friends you don’t steal. Many good reasons to promote friendships in the workplace, where it just goes. Well, but must this friendship stuff all people in the Office and during working hours take place? In addition, people have but their work. For decades, social psychologists watching a disturbing development. People spend more and more time in front of the TV or computer. Activities with friends be substituted for forbidden love”and Facebook. Fewer and fewer people to date to dinner, go to bars, make common shopping or meet for the Rummy-evening.

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