The Spirit

Posted by adminNY on February 14, 2019

No sheep will be lost they could be pardoned and to enjoy the celestial joy, together with the good people? – In the same way as it looks for to you to pardon and it does not leave to love its son, when it prepares. It finds or you that she has greater capacity to love, to understand and to pardon of what God? Everything wants what you is that its son if corrects, that perceives the gravity of the committed lacks, that if repents and it does not come back to commit them. is accurately this that the Father waits of us. For this in the ones of a chance to learn, but knows that it would be impossible that we learned in only one incarnation. Therefore it is that we are always coming back, therefore, each time that we come back, we in them we improve a little. – And, how much to my son, why it is thus? – When we reincarnate, the only new thing in us is the clothes, that is, the body.

The Spirit is not new, it brings arraigados in itself the qualities and the defects of other existences. During infancy, with the asleep Spirit in the substance, the person submits itself more easily to influences of the way where it lives. In this phase, it accepts the wills of that the fence and acts more for induction of what voluntarily. But, in the measure where it goes if developing, the Spirit starts to overlap it the substance and, even so limited for the harness involves that it, it leaves to arise its previous instincts. It is when the existenciais antagonisms and conflicts start. – But why God would leave to incarnate, between good people, a perverse Spirit? – We come back to the question of the plurality of the reincarnations.


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