The Wild

Posted by adminNY on December 28, 2021

Mexicans heard them. And again go beyond among reeds and sedges, at the edge of the cave. They arrived at the site where rose wild nopal there at the edge of the cave, and saw quiet stop the Eagle in the wild Cactus: there eats there devours and made the cave remains of what you eat. And when the Eagle saw the Mexicans, he bowed deeply. And the Eagle watched from afar. Its nest and its seat was all there are many fine feathers: tiles, red bird feathers and feathers of quetzal feathers. And also there were heads of precious birds and bird legs and huesoa of fine lines by land birds. Spoke them the diosy so told them:-Ah, Mexican, Yes is here: Mexico is here and although did not see who spoke them, started to cry and said:-happy us, happy at last: have already seen where it has to be our city!!! We go and come to rest here! Anonymous song upright light flowers open their Corollas where aquatic Moss, here in Mexico, extends placidly are widening, and amid the MOSS and the nuances is extended to the city of Tenochtitlan: extends it and makes it flourish the God, has her eyes fixed on such site, have them fixed in the middle of the Lake.

Turquoise columns were made here, in the immense Lake columns were made. He is the God that sustains the city and carries in her arms to Anahuac, in the immense lagoon. Jo Natauri is full of insight into the issues. Netzahualcoyotl. DO SO I HAVE TO GO, WHICH FLOWERS THAT FENECEN? Do so I have to go, which flowers that fenecen? Is nothing my name ever? Do nothing will leave in pursuit of my on Earth? At least flowers, at least edges! How have you do my heart? Do anything in vain we come to live, to sprout from the Earth? I’ll only let go when the gardens are over.


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