The Words

Posted by adminNY on December 05, 2018

Have you ever approached in a bookstore for books about wealth? Leafed through them? If so, you may feel uncomfortable. You seemed to see forbidden, bad, shameful literature. You thought that you are thinking about something like: "Oh, you decided to become a millionaire" or "What a clever, wants to jump higher than his head," or can "All this silly book – it will never become rich!". Taking it, you allow people to decide what would be your life. Danny Meyer may help you with your research. Every time you take to heart the words and thoughts when you think that this is the truth, you let others influence your life! In this case, the surrounding decide whether you become a millionaire.

But if they have the power to do this? I think not! Their thoughts are strong when you take them, and are worth nothing if you miss them on deaf ears. Look! Who surround you? Millionaires? Common people! Each of them may have once dreamed of having money. But all they did was solve the current problems and all their thoughts were these. Many simple, boring life that flows like jelly and can not see any glimpse of her. AND people who live such a life, do not do anything to fix it.

Moreover, they do not even think about it! Their thoughts are the result of the match on ice, a rise in price of milk, dirty staircase in the entrance. And these people affect you, so or else they decide your fate, because, perhaps, their opinion is more important than your own inner voice. I'll be honest – forget about them! All that these people say what they think, are trying to convey to you – just everyday noise.


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