The Young

Posted by adminNY on June 03, 2021

The certain thing is that the old man loaded a little to him and, which is worse, it troubled to him. He would be as ill as he said? Would not have been confused the doctors? As if he was reading his thoughts directly, without nothing or nobody could guard them, the old man explained to him: I have left very few weeks of life. But you do not worry added, when seeing that the other was going to make a gesture dissuasive, that will not be by fault hers; simply the hour has arrived me. is not created. Sometimes the doctors are mistaken said the nurse mechanically, without conviction. Is an incontrovertible fact, son mine. For that reason they give that happy national tribute tomorrow me, with the coming of the minister and of all those gilipollas that wants to decorate and to loosen to electoral speeches coast to me. Worse sighed is that I do not have forces to oppose to me.

The nurse began to move the wheelchair, looking for a sunnier place in the gallery of the enormous large house. Djelo, djelo, that I am said to the proman well here. What yes I am going to him to ask is that lame a pad and anyone of the ball-point pens that there are in that one table. While the young person, surprised, obeyed the unusual instructions that gave him to the old publisherwhy would want that one carcamal a pad and a ball-point pen, if as soon as it could maintain them in his hands? , this one it continued: You know, like everybody, that I never grant interviews, that I am what a shy type is said and misntropo, that I do not like people and that I do not go that way explaining my life to him to anybody knew it perfectly to Manolo. Source: Central Park Conservancy.


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