Posted by adminNY on October 27, 2021

– All this by declarations of the same GARCI’A MRQUEZ. – A house in Cuba Has to where it goes quite often, and it meets with Fidel, with who it talks per interminable hours. But this does not mean that this in agreement with its form of government. – Many of their conversations are rather discussions on this subject, – and he is one of the unique ones that does not fear to say to Fidel the truths to him and to set out its points of view to him. – This by declarations of the same Fidel Castro. He is a great admirer of Hemingway, to who it describes like one of the best writers of the United States and the world. – In 1986 another one of its great works wrote, " The Love in the Times of the Colera" , – named in New York Times as an exceptional and fascinating book, that only a mind as the one of GARCI’A MRQUEZ it could write. – Also it was recognized by Oprah Winfrey, – for all time recommended that it like one of beautiful histories of love but.

– From the 2001, concentrate is had in to write its memories, under the name of " TO LIVE FOR CONTARLA". – It consists of 3 volumes. – The first volume already was published and sold in Latin America. The first edition was sold in its totality in less than 3 weeks, and considered as the best book than are broken sale records. This first volume this being translated to different languages by " KNOFF" , and sera published and sold in the United States so soon finishes the translation. According to that they have read already it, it is of a reality and exciting sensitivity and a true work of art. – It Even needs 2 volumes, that due to its evil been of health, – it has not been able to finish.


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