Translating Google

Posted by adminNY on December 10, 2020

We will work with the Audacity, microphone, cellular, device of Sound or Date Show, camera and filmadora. For the accomplishment of this activity it is necessary that the professor transcribes the phrases, confections a ballot box, previously selects different audio videos and of sotaques of the Brazilian regions and disponibilize 4 lessons of its curricular grating for the execution of this activity. The activity is initiated with the distribution of some phrases in English, previously worked with the group in question. The pupils will make the reading of these phrases of quiet form and after that they will use a resource of the Google, the Translating Google, where they will be able to hear the correct pronunciation of its phrases. After that they will make the simple reading so that the professor evaluates its pronunciation and has guided them in relation the possible errors. At as a moment, some videos audio of different " sotaques" Brazilians will be attended and heard for the pupils in order to recognize and to differentiate the sonorous dimension of our country and its peculiarities. ct.

The pupils go to choose sotaque randomly that he goes to be used for the declamation of the phrase, making the division of the number of pupils for the amount of regions. Example: If the group has 30 pupils, will be 6 pupils for each region. They will have 10 minutes for the preparation until the beginning of the presentations for the group. All the available resources could be used. Writing in cellular, notebooks, MPs 5, among others technologies.

To the end of this moment each pupil will have to repass of form written for the professor which resources they will use for its presentations. At one third moment, the presentations will have beginning. The first region to be presented will be chosen by the professor and all the pupils who had chosen previously this region will have that to arise themselves and to go until the front of the room.


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