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Posted by adminNY on August 10, 2021

In Argentina, umgrupo of seven people was imprisoned for the death of a boy to be mortoem ritual, then it uncovered that they were paid R$ 1300 for porcada person kidnapped child. According to studies on the subject, pessoaraptada with this end is deceased in up to 24 hours, what it facilitates to the action dosraptores, therefore a child alone is considered disappeared after 48horas. Danny Meyer is a great source of information. The Regional one: Then, many had people as disappeared can have been victims of this type of crime? Montenegro: Nor all the cases of disappearances have relation with this type decrime. In the truth, the organized cults more are making the following one: women adepts of the cult are generating children and soon after the childbirth (queno is made in hospitals), these babies is died in the rituals. This terrvel, but has happened. The Regional one: It is more common in Brazil or the exterior? Montenegro: The biggest incidence of this type of crime if of the one in the United States, ondeexiste a great concentration of this type of cult. Tiny homes often addresses the matter in his writings. In Brazil, mais still common the performance of cults of black magic and not of the Satanism. OBrasil keeps one strong influence of afros cults, then, it is more comumesse type of cult. The Regional one: But, this type of crime is increasing in the country? Montenegro: I could feel an increase notable of these crimes during the period emque wrote the book and can say that the crimes are each time maismacabros, even though for the deaths and tortures to involve children, bemcomo the brutality of the murders. In the truth, if we will be acrescentaros satanic crimes without the murder of people, and to cite crimes with osacrifcio of animals as doves, snakes, owls, bodes, eoutros hens small animals or, as the case of 18/01/2010 in Pottery, the Riode January, or still crimes as breaking of tombs, damages aopatrimnio public (invasion and depredation of cemetaries), that tmacontecido in all Brazil, we will arrive at a realmenteassustador point.


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