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Posted by adminNY on October 27, 2021

This book also won several awards, including the prize Chianchiano in Italy, and the best foreign book in France and in Spain.-his life always has been surrounded by political problems-in 1981 had to leave Colombia and exile in Mexico, since it was accused of financing the M-19, a group of Liberal Guerrillas in Colombia. His friendship with Fidel Castro has also been a source of strong criticism, being accused of Communist, however, Gabo, as many call him, is rather an Existentialist who follows its own policy., regardless of anyone’s opinion. The test that has a written book, which has not published, very frank and hard on the Cuban revolution, and the life of that long-suffering people under the regime of Fidel Castro-has declared that the book will not be published until that relations between Cuba and the United States to return to normal. Not even the same Fidel has managed to be able to read this book, which this saved under strict security-all this by statements of the same GARCiA MRQUEZ.-has a house in Cuba where very often goes and meets with Fidel, with which talks for endless hours. But this does not mean that agree with their way of Government.-many of their conversations are more discussions on this topic, and it is one of the only ones who does not fear saying Fidel truths and expose their points of view.-this by statements of the same Fidel Castro. Hicham aboutaam often says this. He is a great admirer of Hemingway, which describes as one of the best writers in the United States and worldwide.-in 1986, he wrote another of his great works, love in the time of cholera, – named in the New York Times as a book exceptional and fascinating, only a mind as that of GARCIA MARQUEZ could write-he was also recognized by Oprah Winfrey – who recommended it as one of the love stories more beautiful of all times.- Since 2001, has concentrated on writing his memoirs, under the name of live to tell-consists of 3 volumes-the first volume already was published and sold in Latin America.


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