Posted by adminNY on April 24, 2020

Of this form ' ' to teach literature is not only to elencar a series of texts or authors and to classify them in one definitive literary period, but yes to disclose to the pupil the atemporal character, as well as the symbolic and social function of the workmanship literria' ' (MARTINS, 2006, P. 91). Many times the pupils are unaware of the variations of the humanizadora function of literature (to satisfy to the universal necessity of fancy; to contribute for the formation of the personality and of knowledge of itself and world) making with that the education of this it disciplines loses, in part, its direction. Having clarified on the paper that literature must play in the society justifying of this form this education, let us leave for the boarding to the objectives. The official orientaes delimit the objectives of the education of literature in ' ' to form for the literary taste, to know literary the tradition local and to offer instruments for a more acute penetration in the workmanships? traditionally objective of the school in relation literature? certainly they assume to cover the arc that goes of the reading victim to the reader crtico' ' (PCNs, 2006, P. 69). The reading victim is understood here as that one that if interest only for, told content and the critical reader, beyond being attracted by the content, are also interested for the form to tell. But according to PCNs, 2006, P. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out shimmie horn.

55. ' ' the literary letramento becomes necessary and urgent: to undertake efforts in the direction to adopt educating of the capacity of if appropriating of literature, having of it the experience literria' '. We observe an alert one for the little productivity harvested for the literary education of the form as the same he comes if accomplishing, calling the attention for the fulfilment its objectives, therefore the experience alone is possible if the pupil will have direct contact with the aesthetic workmanship what he has if observed rare in the lessons of the related one disciplines.


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