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Posted by adminNY on October 27, 2021

On the screens of television and radio microphones, the leaders exchanged all sorts of small killer phrases. His explanation was always the same: people spent too, the exploited living like pashas beyond their means. However, and once again faced the legitimate indignation that matured in different countries, the speeches have evolved. In Italy, for example, the unspeakable Berlusconi was designated as responsible for an economic and political crisis completely irresponsible! But it was difficult to do the same with Zapatero, presented for a long time as a responsible politician. At the end, the bourgeoisie has sat in the dock at itself part of si. The cause of the crisis rests with the world of finance, ever-growing profit-hungry bandits. In United States, in December 2008, Madoff, former leader of Nasdaq 2 and one of the best known New York investment advisors and respected, it has become the night overnight the worst scammer on the planet.

Similarly, the rating agencies are used as scapegoats. At the end of 2007 were accused of underestimating the risks of sovereign debt of the States. Today they are accused of the opposite when they warn of the untenable situation of sovereign debt in the eurozone (Moody s) or in the United States (the case of Standard and Poors). Now that the crisis has been openly world had to find a lie more believable, more close to reality. So, for several months circulating the rumor, increasingly noisy, that the crisis is due to a widespread and unbearable, indebtedness organized by finance in the interest of the large speculators.

This summer with the new burst of the financial crisis these speeches have invaded the screens. Although all these examples show that the bourgeoisie has increasingly harder to serve credible lies, we can ensure that you will continue to use them; as evidence all the guirigay have mounted left-wing parties, leftists, and a large number of economists, according to which, are finance and not capitalism as such responsible for the current worsening of the crisis. In truth, the news about economy sinking under debts you cannot return or manage. This devalues currencies, pushing upward the price of goods and opens the door to a process of bankruptcy for individuals, banks, insurance and the States. This entails the risk of paralysing central banks at a given time. But this borrowing had no rationale as financiers and other speculators insatiable greed, and still less consumption of the exploited. On the contrary. This widespread indebtedness was vital for the survival of the system for more than half a century, as a means of avoiding one ever-increasing overproduction. The progressive development of financial speculation is not therefore the cause of the crisis, but the consequence of measures that States have had to use for attempting to cope with the crisis in 50 years. Without this policy of easy credit and growing indebtedness to the decontrol, capitalism would not able to sell goods in ever increasing quantity. In fact, increasing in this way the deudales has allowed sustain production growth during this time. The monstrous development of speculative finance, becoming a cancer for capitalism, is not more than the product of the increasing difficulty of the system to invest and sell with benefit.


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