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Germany Pilot

Posted by adminNY on March 04, 2016
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Beginning August draws successful communications agency in larger rooms Hamburg, July 12, 2013. pilot is the first address for German communication experts as an employer. This is the result of the recent HORIZONTJobs study of Frankfurt magazine. With top grades in seven of the 20 categories of queried the pilot secured the top spot. The owner-managed agency group with four locations in Germany and a gross turnover of 660 million euro distinguished himself especially at the criteria of work-life balance, social responsibility, job security and attractive budget responsibility.

In seven other criteria, the hamburger in the top ended up 5. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Presidential candidate and gain more knowledge.. The attractiveness of the Hamburg master seat of the Agency Group will still continue to rise from early August: on August 2 farewell is taken with some sadness, but also with great anticipation by the besides. After 14 years of equally beautiful and successful in this grade II listed Kontorhaus in downtown, the agency refers to its new, spacious home in the new r 12 in Rotherbaum. In the new office building of the HanseMerkur Versicherungsgruppe 260 pilots expect attractive Agency facilities, which are designed according to strict ergonomic requirements, open, short ways, diverse venues including cafeteria, meeting points, canteen access, attractive exteriors and excellent transport connections. There are also various sports facilities available.

The ultra-modern wing at the new Raven road was awarded by the German society for sustainable building (DGNB) with the highest environmental rating, the pre-certificate in gold. The high standards of building design corresponds to the corporate culture of the Agency Group: Since founding pilot involved sustainably, to continuously increase the attractiveness as an employer. Also an intensive and extensive promotion of employees through agency internal qualification program is associated with. Since pilot with a high proportion of female employees and above-average rate of women in leadership positions that attaches particular importance, professional and Bring family, is also a kindergarten available from August in the new office building.

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Municipal City

Posted by adminNY on March 02, 2016
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These biological differences have been comumente used to inhibit the igualitrio development between men and women, making with that the feminine sex is seen as inferior to the masculine, fragile, with aptitudes come back to the house works and familiar. Understanding that it is paper of the municipal sphere to execute the public politics answering to the demands of the population and respecting its expectations, necessities and priorities are that the Municipal City hall of Caxias has looked for to develop public politics under the sort perspectives, being created and giving conditions of functioning to the City council of the Rights of the Women, beyond the estruturao of the City department of the Woman through the Municipal Law n. 1.745/2008 that it makes use on the reform and reorganization of the Municipal City hall of Caxias, the City department of the Woman ' ' (…) it has as paper to plan, to organize, to direct and to control the plans, programs, projects and action that they aim at to defense of the rights of the woman, assuring to it a full participation in the partner-economic life, cultural politics and of the City, as well as carrying through public and private joint with sectors of the civil society and agencies, for the development of action and educative campaigns related to its atribuies' '. In this direction, the municipal government through the City department of the Woman searchs alternatives of combat to the violence against the woman, guaranteeing to them adequate conditions of conduction for the exercise of its citizenship and the guarantee of its human rights constitutional. The concern of the State, while formulador and executor of the public politics they have to be centered in the pointed social combat to mazelas, in special as for the guarantee of the dignity of the person human being, what perpassa, necessarily in this context the formation of a net of services that makes possible joint cooperation and affirmative actions for the establishment of one common politics that it takes care of the priorities of the citizen through the formation of the nets of local cooperation for the confrontation of the poverty and the implantation of one adequate and efficient politics that necessarily depends on the integration of the agencies of the management pra the promotion and viabilizao of the public services foreseen by the laws municipal and guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution. .