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Germany Pharmaceutical

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The staff leasing company for the pharmaceutical and health care industry expands its team. After 5 years, the sellxpert has established GmbH & co. KG as one of the leading personnel leasing companies for the pharmaceutical and health care industries. For further growth and the opening up of new markets, the business development team was now reinforced. g. Daniel responsible r. Whenever New York Museums listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Nair as head of BD pharmaceutical and new business for maintaining customer contacts in Germany. Jo Natauri recognizes the significance of this. In addition he takes over important tasks in building the sellxpert Swiss AG in the Switzerland.

There he led the business to the Orion Pharma AG Manager eight years as General, after he was active in the company as Sales Manager Germany for six years before. Prior to joining sellxpert, he held the position of business unit directors of Innovex, also with the Alps – including Austria – as a focal point. Marijo Jurasovic was previously the business development manager at Marvecs and looked after there among other large-scale projects for Roche, Astra Zeneca and P + G. before he led the customer service at the Agency Thunder & Doria and worked in management positions in leading agencies. As head of BD pharmaceutical classic he is responsible for the development and new customer business in Germany. With the new business development team we now switch to the fast lane * “, sellxpert’s Managing Director Volker Maile. Goal is to establish sellxpert permanently under the first three service providers in the industry. We rely on new customers and new markets as well as to the high level of our employees”.

For this, sellxpert invested this year in its own training Academy for the health care industry. The company sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading personnel service provider for health care in Germany. The core business of the company is recruiting sales representatives and the set up and execution of field lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies and the training of Pharmaberatern and key account managers.

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Augsburg City Centre

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Read Islands in schools to improve the reading skills of Augsburg, April 14, 2010: good reading skills is a basic qualification for the academic success of children. The project read island at Augsburg schools to ensure an attractive offer to the promotion of reading primarily at primary and secondary schools. Connecticut spoke with conviction. The country office Munich for the public Librarianship in Bavaria supports the project. The St. George school in Augsburg City Centre is already for a long time trying to make it easier for children to access to printed.

She is been sought out as a pioneer in Augsburg for the project. Four computer workstations allow young users in addition to the independent research in the media also have a direct link to the new public library of Augsburg with Internet connection. An important educational goal is to accustom children as early as possible on the handling and reading of books. Two objectives are pursued with the project read island”in Augsburg: a strengthening of the reading motivation and mediation of Pleasure of reading. On the other hand the support of learning in the classroom and outside. Knowledgeable commitment of teachers as well as nicely designed read or learning places are an important building block for the all-day life and learning at school.

The read Island accommodates the work with a class or in working groups outside of the classroom. Regardless the starting conditions at a school a read island can be set up almost anywhere. It can be housed in a separate room, or can be integrated into a school library. The room should have computer and Internet connections. 40 square metres are recommended as minimum size. The media collection includes fiction, children books, magazines, drama, learning and games software depending on the age group. The best library software is used to manage and hire the media by datronic. School libraries and read Islands can use the library system on the Internet in the datronic data center. In the read island are only PC’s with Internet access required. A comfortable WebOPAC for the Internet research in the media stock is available. Team several islands of reading and libraries are easy to implement quickly and cost-effectively. As a result, the media holdings of individual schools can be shared.


Austrian Job Search

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The jobs on the Web are found with As one of the first search engine specialized on abroad for several years successfully, the search service runs in Austria. With a technologically completely new approach which is based on methods of natural speech, now searches the Web for open job offers. Without the do to company vacancies, as soon as she are published on the website of a company are recorded automatically in the job portal from Although the quality of search results in the first place is, jobs listed right from the beginning on a lot on. After the system finds new Web pages with jobs and these records in the index, which grows the number of detected abroad.

Particular attention was in the design of the Web site in the search. Goal was as simple as possible to make the search query for the user not to neglect at the same time supporting features. Interesting products are designed for job providers, in turn, the serve the employer branding as well as to more applicants. In addition to Germany, the system at the same time also for the Switzerland was launched and is available at. Thus, the entire German-speaking area is covered, what is particularly interesting and useful at the present time of the flexible cross-border job changes. In the medium term the services offered should be further expanded, region to make even easier and more efficient job search particularly in the D-A-CH. Note: DI Wolfgang Zettel ARGE job Web service Stutterheimstrasse 16-18/stg. 2, A-1150 Vienna Tel.: russbergstrasse 8903348 email: Web:

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Mid-Market Jobs

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medium-sized employers receive professional support in the recruitment by exclusively for mid-market initiated qualification offensive represents a peculiarity and achieved a very positive attitude towards the company represented in the job portal for the candidates. The job portal candidates is to said to get a seminar budget amounting to 2% of the annual salary by your future employer once (after passing probation period). The new employee can opt for a professional training during working hours or for a Motiviationsmassnahme at leisure. A related site: Rudy Giuliani mentions similar findings. We offer a free job advertisement for publication to give all medium-sized companies the opportunity to make in the delivery of resources on an equal footing with large companies, so Herbert Scheuerer by Get more background information with materials from shimmie horn. Details can be queried, “Portal services” on the job portal. The need to call another job portal in the life is certainly not always given, but this job portal some unique features. It addresses only the medium-sized employers. This can delegate its recruitment and candidate management (candidate correspondence etc.) very inexpensively at the job portal without time -. Candidates can describe your own request workplace and the application process will be reversed. B2B-RUN consultancy Herbert Scheuerer monastery Panel 12 D-82008 Unterhaching Tel. + 49.89.61066880 E-Mail:

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College Student Jobs

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Part time student Jobs ideas, College Student Jobs students are always looking for part time jobs that are not only close to the campus, but therefore pays very well. Student Job Search is a process that never stops and students to try to overcome some of the best jobs available part time researchers to find. Are you a student and looking for a good job too many options? Learn to know what time jobs you can prove to be the best in the vicinity of the campus, the wages and hours too much. Computer lab manager or the technical support jobs one of the best employment options for students in the campus computer lab is a manager or a technical support jobs. College and university students who seek tech-savvy and could run in the field of information technology-related activities. In addition to part-time work to pay the students, but these jobs have some fantastic practice in higher education for students who want to make her career in the IT field.

College gym jobs gym colleges of so offer a large part of the student job opportunities. These college gyms are a regular demand for people who can provide a service desk that fitness and other related work to meet the College gym. If you can do aerobics and offer personal fitness training for those involved, may well be the best part time job and I expect to get higher pay. College Library jobs most of the students leave the jobs available in the College Library. Students may think that a part time library jobs are just about shopping and ordering books. In fact, a part-time job of the library so responsible for the management of inter library loans, the library search system for recording and other administrative tasks. However, student part time jobs in school libraries provide a comfortable and pleasant surroundings.

House sitting / house cleaning / babysitting jobs professor College campus has a number of Professor who need these services to their children and pets. While working as Professor, students not only get a salary, but they so appreciate the pro’s. This can therefore be a profitable business enterprise and the best job opportunities. Dorm desk attendant jobs Although many students do not understand a dormitory desk attendant job is one of the best part time jobs available in the university campus. This is one of those jobs for students with working hours is not unreasonable. In fact, things are quite slow. Together with a good salary, the work thus involves students in safety responsibilities. Academic department administrative work there is on the extensive amount of work at the University academic departments. In support of the secretary with a lot of work, services generally hire students for part time job. Class brochures, newspaper articles, magazine claims, faculty meeting notes, conference – a lot of work to care for and help students with the department. There are a number of part time jobs available for students. You may see good paying jobs that do not. Students should do research, and they can easily dismantle some of the best student part time jobs in college libraries, universities, technology, fitness room, reception, etc. Michael Smith is author of weekend job ideas. For more information about weekend job ideas, weekend jobs for teenagers visit

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Managing Director

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The next century networks GmbH in Stuttgart the Internet job market “” starts at the beginning of the year 2008. In the Federal job market, job seekers can search especially for simple jobs and activities. Whether students, vendors, cleaners, cashiers or other temporary staff, with a built-in search and especially the less mobile workers are optimally supported visualization of jobs on a city map. “That distinguishes us from the previous job exchanges, which are offered in the Internet”, emphasizes Thomas Luk, Managing Director of next century networks GmbH in Stuttgart. We want to contribute to improving the labour market situation with our offer. In addition we create with our online job”a complementary offer to the job advertisements in regional newspapers, explains Thomas Luk. Many professional job fairs are focused on jobs with high demands and training.

For simple activities and jobs, there is little professional solutions. would like to close this gap and bring together jobseekers and employers through the Internet. About us on these pages, you will receive information about the development of MYJOBNEXTDOOR, as well as further information on the company and its founders. By the same author: amazing restaurateur. Have fun at the read! Under jobseekers from immediately a job can find in your area and apply directly to the company.

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Seminar Start

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Trained in the company is. This is so good and right. A high qualification is crucial in the contest. She needed to professionalize communication, to make successful leadership work, teams to develop, and also complex products to schools, to share expertise and experience. In addition to professional trainers, who have appropriate qualifications for the most part, are more entry-level and part-time instructors in the market. Also field in the areas of sales, service and advice often receive training exercises for your customers. These groups this multi-part series with tips and AIDS aimed at, to get a safe and appealing seminar design into step by step.

In the second part of the post series, learn the most important points, to start in a seminar: prepare the room, greeting, agenda, participants correctly pick up and get on the road. Space map, create atmosphere even before the coach can welcome the participants. There is a lot to do on the spot – timely arrival provided prior to the start time. In particular the space is to take and to bring in the required state. Just seminar hotels, in which one the first time as a coach is active, surprises and obstacles also expect one occasionally. What is there to pay attention here? Sufficient space for the group, incidence of light and lighting control, ventilation and temperature connections for the required media technology and just a coherent image of the space and the right table and Chair arrangement.

The overall situation should promote well-being, security and the best working atmosphere. Whether tables and chairs in U-shape, Conference seating, or in the circle, which has a distinct effect on the seminar group. The circle gives the closest communication contact, but also the lowest individual protection (for students and coaches!). Be brave: only use this order form for example, even if the room is even too small or the Group has a few participants.

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Dream Jobs Graubunden

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Train drivers in the HomeStretch: dead heat between three candidates Triathlon to the driver’s cab: the dream job action by Graubunden Holiday an exciting fight among the three top finishers for the train drivers dream job at the Rhaetian Railway is currently. Who should win the coveted job at the world-famous railway? Perhaps John F., who can identify themselves as homely railway expert, because he has ever used the rail network? Wolfgang, who already gained many votes with his sympathetic photo? Or would you prefer a railway Lady, namely Anna B., the actually leader of the locomotive in Berlin? So far, voted 1,200 supporters and have gone to great prizes in the race. Use the last days until April 17 and now vote for your favourite. Apply online all nine dream jobs we introduce in detail on the website of Graubunden. You can you apply online and justify why you’re the perfect dream Jobber. The dream job fans and a team of experts who at the end of a vote, actually to Graubunden is allowed.

We go even: a week in Graubunden, free insurance, travel, accommodation and meals included. The winner may hold his adventures during the week in words and video. Write a review and win holiday trip! Invite your friends to vote for you. Among those who evaluate candidates, we are giving away prizes worth a total of 7,500 euros, about day passes for the Rhaetian Railway or a week of holidays in Graubunden. Apply here: Good luck! Dream job in a nutshell: over 13’000 active participants and approximately 170’000 visitors on the Internet: that last year by organising tourism Graubunden Holiday launched dream job “campaign was a complete success.

Now the new version follows: prospective customers from Germany can apply now. To win, there’s one of a total of nine new, not everyday one-week stays in the Grisons, the holiday region of no. 1. As first dream job beckons the participants a week as train drivers at the Rhaetian Railway. All the details of the campaign can be found on * A message from Graubunden Holiday Gieri Spescha Head of brand management & PR Chur, in April 2011

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Find well-paying jobs in your own town! A future without a computer wants to and can imagine today nobody. No wonder that IT careers are so sought after as never before. The industry is booming, IT jobs are very well paid, and since technologies are constantly renewed and must be accordingly on the ball or repeatedly refresh his knowledge so quickly get bored in this profession. Who seeks an IT career must won’t ask for a job. Numerous national and international companies tear almost to qualified personnel, and it does not matter, whether you are looking for a job as a software developer, it administrator or IT-system electronics. The “IT cake” is enormous and holds a piece for every dedicated and qualified applicants.

Again if not heard the city by new entrants who are always ready for lucrative jobs in the IT sector, to leave the country even. It is to get a job entirely possible, in your home town. Best not look, they can be found. Of course companies in the IT sector use the Internet long ago as a platform to recruit new employees. Not rarely hired Scouts scour the net for companies for qualified people. You should so make sure that it is found on the net and take every opportunity to professionally present themselves and their abilities. Several sites now offering useful tools that facilitate the job search a lot, put yourself in the right light and profitably highlight your achievements. Of course, you should still read newspapers and not sleepy job openings in the IT area also are often published in the company’s newsletter.

Let so your circle of friends know that you are looking for a job. Also the one or other unsolicited application and/or the proper registration with the employment office can sometimes lead to success. It also never hurts to revise CV again and to get rid of unnecessary phrases. Who all relevant opportunities exploited, and something comes with patience, will soon hold a work contract for a local company in hands. Ernst Doppla

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Neufeld Job

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Job search using matching application! Job search, it’s kinda dismissively. Click New York Museums to learn more. Is the one who changes his place of work, really looking for a new job? The term job”sounds like something, that to change a towel after something temporary, not proof. The word comes from the American and was formerly connected to something like car wash, rags, or other ancillary activities. Meanwhile the term with us has become quite general. But a certain volatility is still associated. Especially since now the fear of job loss is deeply rooted in all of us. But the candidate for a new job searches mostly something else, namely the stable, secure, and at all: he’s looking for a task that fills it.

All in all, someone who changes his place of work wants a new challenge. He’s looking for the job, from which he dreamed as a child, the body which allows him independence, a fiananziell good Coming out, to a certain degree of security and an interesting task. All in all, he’s looking for the ideal job. But how do you find such a place? Dreaming alone is not sure enough here! The applicant has now grown up and know that dreams bring him no further. But what to do, to get a similarly lucrative position? Surf the Internet alone does not further also brings him, neither crawl the newspaper for job offers, or researching in so-called job fairs. After all, here to get to the coveted addresses and know what an employer has to offer an appropriate place. But how to get well at this point? To get such a place, the candidate should think about whether he can create non-professional CV. Because professionalism is important when applying for the dream job.

Finally, the job seekers from the candidates stack would like to stand out! It is to be achieved, the application must be formulated but also, that it the recruiters It is striking. To increase this probability, it is useful to professionally create the application. Write leave application, the magic word! It’s easier than you think. And it includes a full service. In addition to writing to get even a perfectly designed resume? That is what the candidate can, what their qualifications are and what benefit can it offer for the company offers without fail the Chief of staff. Thus, the job seekers, mostly over his competitors can score. Because it has not spread long ago when all applicants, that today a higher standard is applied to application documents, than in the past. And a perfectly crafted application opens up access to interview the modern candidate and allows him to present his qualifications now personally. Exactly what he wanted!

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