African And Asian Colonies To The Beginning Of 20 Century

Posted by adminNY on August 30, 2017

In Asia, 6 countries (and only formally) to maintain their independence and visibility of the management of their monarchs (and not the colonial administration): China, Siam (Thailand), Nepal, Afghanistan, Persia (Iran) and Nejd (in the center of Arabia) in Africa – Ethiopia. China, from which it had been torn apart by England, France, Germany, Russia and Japan, was in a semi-colonial dependence, and was divided into spheres of influence. Nepal was virtually dependent on the British Indian empire. The Metropolitan Museum of Art oftentimes addresses this issue. Persia was divided between Britain and Russia on the tacit area of interest. Siam was enmeshed in the system of capitulations imposed by the United Kingdom (1832, 1856.), France (1856), and later in other capitalist countries. Afghanistan crushed the British army during the I and ii of the Anglo-Afghan wars, yet was forced to acknowledge British control (some purchased) over its foreign policy. In addition, the second half of the xix century. emirate is experiencing all the growing political and economic pressure, not only England but also in Russia. Colonial possessions of England is an island of Cyprus and Malta in the Mediterranean port of Aden at the entrance to the Red Sea (based on England were also some Arab principality, located on the coasts and islands in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf), India, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Burma, (with Singapore), North Borneo (now Kalimantan) and Brunei, many islands in the Pacific Ocean, in Africa – British Somalia, Kenya, the island of Zanzibar, Uganda, Rhodesia, Beguan Land (now Botswana), Nigeria, Gold Coast (now Ghana), Sierra Leone, Gambia, Sudan came under joint management (condominium) in England and Egypt.


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