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Posted by adminNY on January 11, 2017

The nurses on the wards can all this in see apenio. The system also automatically generated instructions. Are the doctors and nurses in the Heidekreis-Klinikum Ward trolleys with filing available to the business. We chose this route because we can not immediately free of paper work. In a transitional period still third-party findings, Konsiliarscheine or ECG recordings will be with us”, so Sandtvos. The visit to the stations is carried out using five mobile devices, take doctors and nurses at the patient’s bedside. Thanks to the deep integration of apenio in the KIS the digital fever curve and all tabs of the patient are viewable in the same view.

So, the doctor with a single mouse click has access to all investigations, documents, reports, OP reports, laboratory data and the like. To do this he can write at the bedside performance requirements on the functional areas. Him so are a variety of information and possibilities into a view available”, is the project leader inspires of the merits mobile business. Complete and efficient documentation backed up so the employees of all areas are also very satisfied with the electronic care planning and documentation. In pre-digital times, the care has wished always a structured care process scheduling. Today she makes easy, what turns out to be the big win. And not only in terms of effectiveness, but through the standard care plans even at the quality. Each intervention is transparent and can be applied”, so Sandtvos.

With apenio, a complete documentation is also guaranteed. It begins with that paper-based interventions typically only once collected per shift. Thus, often many services fell under the table, for example, at a lavish supply of incontinence. Because the system binding indicates the tasks, they can be quickly and easily confirmed and thus documented”, explains the project manager. Since all manual activities such as notes and transfers into the accounts for patient files, can the nurses again increasingly focus on patient care. All information are available, multiple employees can work in parallel on a patient’s chart. In another aspect, the solution has fully met the expectations: with the use of apenio no overhead for the nursing staff when collecting BAULOGIS. The identification of BAULOGIS patients is carried out automatically by the system, and they are designated automatically in the PPR rating A4. The highly complex patients with a look at the Station Manager are so visible. For controlling and coding specialists, the appropriate OPS is thrown immediately. Through the clear presentation of the reached number of points after days of possible requests of the MDK and the cost can be answered easily and quickly we are in care on a good path and could the effectiveness and increase the satisfaction of our employees. The digital system was very well received and is due to its obvious advantages and ease of use have quickly been accepted “, is very satisfied Hospital Project Director of Jorn Sandtvos after a year of apenio in the district. How to contact with atacama Software GmbH Anne-Conway-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen phone: 04 21 / 2 23 01-19 press contact ralf buchholz healthcare communications Ralf Buchholz Kieler Strasse 212 22525 Hamburg phone: 0 40 / 20 97 68 05

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