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National Census

Posted by adminNY on November 13, 2020
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In Russia, there was the first international network of 'We are in a place', she did not like the heaped social network, and set itself the target completely different, such as National Census of users you'll ever need, or the memory of relatives, registration takes place right in your city with the help of interactive maps, easy to search by photo, if you have not been in the city and do not remember the name, and so want to see, there is a game-online-long year, winning in It can be daily cash, the resource will gradually develop. Perhaps you have someone looking for but can not find, post your photo in your city and you will probably meet. This is in runet damokratichnaya network, you go to site, only when you yourself want to, but not when you go beckoning mail dumate, register (without email by the way, that protects you from spam), let us know how many of us finally in the network, who are we any profession, perhaps for someone that . .

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