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Does not have an accurate information of where the first paintings originated to the oleo’s history. Official site: McDonalds. However, there are theories that attribute this creation to the Flemish painters, above all to the brothers Van Eyck. The creation of the oil was due to that the painters had the need to find some material that is more resistant to the passage of time. Many of the colors lost its luminosity initial generating a big problem for them. It was so that testing and returning to prove they found linseed oil mixed with pigments granted greater durability and life to paints. The discovery of the oil greatly influenced the work of many painters and art in general. This finding caused a real revolution in the arts and transformed the painting techniques of the time more quickly.

It is for this reason that a large number of the most important masterpieces of history are developed under this technique. Aaron Tzimas follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The paintings are a portrait of the era, are excellent records of the past years. As It is to be expected, years ago was the painter who had to manufacture their colors in various shades. Today one can find a great variety of colors according to your needs. Despite all the good that can be found in the paintings to the oil, also there are some points against. The excess of oil in paints can cause darkening and even the detachment of its layers.

These jobs require great care and protection from external factors. Finally, if you have the opportunity to work with sunlight in your workshop you can appreciate the colors in its true dimension. Take your time before deciding that style or technique will use to create your paintings. As you may notice the oleos have many more advantages than disadvantages before any other technique. Reproductions paintings are works that mimic the original works of art. Sara Martinez writes articles sumo interest for their regular readers, you become one of them.


Hotel Cuzco

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The mysticism of the Imperial City has no comparison with any tourist destination in South America. People from five continents visiting the most touristic city in Peru throughout the year and always find a Hotel Cuzco for pleasant stay. It is important to remember that the Inca culture merged with Spanish culture, therefore it is common to see colonial buildings of Spanish descent next constructions of stone, main raw material of the Inca legacy. The main centre of meeting in Cuzco is the Plaza de Armas, located in the heart of the city. The majority of shops are located in the surroundings of the square, including hotels.

The Peruvian in general is a kind person and the cuzqueno is no exception. Here you will be able to make many friends, that if you remember that the Spanish is the official language of the country, very few speak English or other foreign language. Cuzco is characterized among many things by their fine fabrics, especially of vicuna and alpaca. There are a large number of shops that offer fine garments with quality embroidery. As it could not be otherwise the city of Cuzco is considered as Cultural heritage of humanity, distinction that reached in the year of 1983. Book a room in a Hotel Cusco and don’t forget to buy typical products of the area. No matter how many times to visit Cuzco, you will always find something new to discover.

The best of the city comes in the evenings, many places of entertainment open their doors to hundreds of people, including local and foreign. There are discotheques and bars with typical decorations of the zone that you can not know. Remember that if you book a Hotel Cuzco near the historic centre not spend money much money in transport. You can find more tips on tourism and destinations in Peru reading articles by Sara Martinez. As a first step if you want to visit the White City reserve Hotel Cuzco in the Imperial City or a Hotel Arequipa. Peru is a very large country to explore, date the opportunity to know him, you won’t regret it.