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Hendrik Baumann

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As Europe’s largest provider of We provide microstock imagery experienced professionals such as even talented amateurs this showcase to demonstrate their photographic skills. Good nature photos are not easy to shoot, you need sense, patience and also some luck. The pictures of the winners of all categories away. are all the more impressive”In the 19th century emerged a vision of nature, which shapes our understanding today. Then nature is beautiful, authentic and unaffected, it represents a world civilization, to which we can go back to find our roots. In the competition it aim was to disrupt this natural understanding”, explains Doc Baumann. Since we first and do not know which of the images is a lightly edited original photo which was put together on the computer, the question is equally for the authenticity of image and nature.

Also, some images show very clearly, that nature be not only beautiful, but also disturbing can.” In addition to Fotolia, sponsors such as Adobe, Wacom, Epson, HP or California Sunbounce supported the DOCMA award 2013 event Note: time: Vernissage 6th September 2013, 19.00 / Finissage 27 September 2013, 19:00 place: fotoliLAB Lychener Strasse 74, 10437 Berlin exhibition: 07 until 27 September 2013 opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 to 18: 00 and by appointment on Fotolia the Fotolia LLC, headquartered in New York City operates websites in 14 languages in 23 countries and regions around the globe and is Europe’s leading microstock vendors. Fotolia is one founded in the end of 2004 in New York City, more than 23 million images, vectors and HD videos, and over 4 million members. “Fotolia as first independent microstock photo agency took the step in the market of traditional picture agencies in December 2007 and the exclusive Fotolia infinite collection” introduced featuring renowned photographers. More information about the company on. The DOCMA award there the DOCMA award since 2003. He was of “the magazine DOCMA-doc Baumanns magazine for imaging” as an annual competition in Central Europe to promote digital imaging in the life.

The journal was founded by Doc Baumann and Christoph Kunne Photoshop experts. It appeared so far 53 booklets. The images submitted to the DOCMA award are evaluated by a competent jury in a two-day session; the best pictures will be presented in DOCMA, as well as in an exhibition. The exhibition to the DOCMA award 2013 started at the photo Festival horizons Zingst”in may 2013 in Zingst. Hendrik Baumann

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