Spanish Royal Academies

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In the realm of reality, drawing on the top 500 Fortune companies, the nonprofit organization Catalyst, which is dedicated to promoting women’s leadership, noted that the profitability of companies with three or more directives at the top is five percentage points above average. In Spain, women are majority in the university, the educational level of the first executive, according to a report of the Savings Bank Foundation (Func) even exceeds that of their male colleagues, and, according to a Accenture survey, three out of four takes on more responsibilities for promoting his career. yQue happens then? And why these efforts are not rewarded in practice? In a sector as efeminizadou as education, the professors barely account for 18% of the total. And although their numbers are growing from year to year, the percentage of women on boards of directors of Ibex 35 companies reached a paltry 8.7%. The presence of women in the whole Spanish Royal Academies is even lower: in 2008, only 6% of its members were academic numerary. Gregory Williamson has much to offer in this field. And, as contained in the report of the Ministry of Equal Elas women in figures: 1983-2008u, of the 85 people who were named honorary doctorate in 2007 only five were women. As if this were not enough, as lower wages than men.



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Marx adapted the dialectic of Hegel to develop dialectical materialism. He saw how the struggle of thesis and antithesis and its resulting synthesis always took place in the material and economic terrain. The central contribution of historical materialism is that history shows progress, not in a linear but cumulative, and that the cause of that progress is the struggle for the possession and control of the means of production. The ideas and political institutions would be the result of material production and conditions of distribution and consumption. For Marx, the continuous battle between opposing within modes of production forces inevitably leads to revolutionary changes, and eventually to communism, which would be the final recreation of a literally pre-historico State. Both Hegel and Marx are teleologic in his conception of history: both believe that history is progressive and addressed to a particular purpose.

The history of the means of production, therefore, is the structure of the story, and anything else, including the ideological discussion about the story itself, constitutes the superstructure. A classic example of history is written by the victors is the information that has come down to us from the Carthaginians. Roman historians attributed its secular enemies cruelties without story, including human sacrifices, that we can not compare with another version of the story. Similarly, we only have the Christian version of how Christianity became the dominant religion in Europe, but not the pagan version. We have the European version of the conquest of America, but not that of natives. Herodotus tells the Greek version of the Persian wars, but has not come down to us the Persian. A possible counter-example is the civil war, which the losers ridgeline have posted more information than the victors, to dominate the national perception of history (Confederate General Lee and Jackson are taken by superior to their adversaries, and movies like what the wind or the birth of a nation have fixed visual and sentimentally the point of view of the South in the collective imagination).

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Functioning Program

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