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TalkEasy Success

Posted by adminNY on December 25, 2021
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The phone provider 2010 starts in his second sales year TalkEasy means the Swiss phone providers TalkEasy offers flexibility in its product portfolio three different tariffs, which optimally adapt the phone behavior of Swiss customers and Heidi, promoted Peter and the grandfather of the Swiss mascots are: frequent callers phoning with the tariff EasyFlat TalkEasy offered for a monthly fee only 19,00 CHF. The flat rate is advertised by the mascot Heidi making it the most popular tariff customers by TalkEasy. Gelegenheitstelefonierer usually choose the easy 200 tariff, which is offered by the TalkEasy-Peter for 8.50 CHF and includes 200 free minutes per month. For infrequent callers, the TalkEasy GmbH has developed the EasyOne tariff a tariff model, which includes no fee and with one grandfather (ALM ohi) already can make calls with the mascot from 3.5 cents per minute. In addition, the TalkEasy GmbH offers optional rate extensions, so that the respective fare perfectly to the respective telephone behavior of the Customers can be adjusted. No customer is the same, and the customer is the King at TalkEasy”, the managing partner of Fredy Scheucher reveals, therefore, we have developed options with which every customer can save optimally. Who’s on the phone as much abroad, gets exclusive three countries of desire, which you can then even cheaper calls at TalkEasy.

And who also often calls on the mobile, will receive an enhanced clocking in the Swiss mobile networks and international landlines TalkEasy for a small fee. With this 10/10 clocking you can save up to 30% of its telephone cost.” Plans of the TalkEasy for 2010 the first distribution year of TalkEasy GmbH is not yet completed, and already the Swiss has generated phone provider over 16000 clients, which all have decided for one of the three plans EasyOne, Easy200 or EasyFlat. The question, what is planned now in the second year and how the company TalkEasy itself sees its development himself. Read additional details here: Jo Natauri. Avinash, Sagdeo: was the first sales year for us very important: We had to first wait and find out if favor is the rates developed by us and our concept in the Switzerland at all and how the TalkEasy GmbH established. Thanks to the very successful cooperation with Valora AG could place the TalkEasy GmbH not only in direct selling products, we distribute also over the large shop system by KKIOSK. “The reactions and feedback from our customers has been very positive and fares preselection and the advertising concept with the Swiss figurehead Heidi” very well received there are even correct Heidi fans who photographed together with the Heidi cardboard cutouts in KKIOSK stores have.

So, what is planned for the TalkEasy year 2010? On the one hand we want to naturally expand our customer base, optimal care for our existing customers but also, because it is us very close to the heart, that the customers of TalkEasy over the entire term of the contract are satisfied. So, a company can succeed in this day and age and continue to grow. Therefore we are some in 2010 Measures and add, for example, the customer service of TalkEasy despite economic crisis to more specialists in customer service to ensure optimal care. Quality is a very important, capitalize TalkEasy, but above all our customers in the long run for us.” More information on TalkEasy GmbH, the tariffs of EasyOne Easy200 and EasyFlat as well as to Heidi, Peter and learn the grandfather about following link:


Code One Presents New Back Pack Kit With 6-UMTS Bundling Before

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Lecture and sponsorship of the second video camp in Essen Dusseldorf 12.07.2010 the code one GmbH presents its new 6-UMTS unit for the first time at the second German video camp in Essen, the two-day meeting of Web video experts in the Ruhr metropolis. Discussed was about current developments and possibilities of moving image. Selected events and lectures were provided by code one in under a sponsorship as a live stream on the Web. Transfer with up to 6 UMTS cards Managing Director Boris Kantzow presented the company around the innovative streaming in his presentation. We presented here for the first time our 6-fold UMTS unit of public. By bundling six UMTS channels we can transfer constant with video stream up to 2Mbit/s and a FTP-upload up to 3Mbit / s. In addition we have audio as standard inputs HDMI, SDI, component and stereo in our backpack Kit integrates, “says Boris Kantzow (CEO of code one GmbH).

Very positive The participants of the video camp laid, how firmly at a BarCamp, feedback of from participants the topics themselves. Danny Meyer is actively involved in the matter. So, up to 80 visitors discussed various aspects of the topic of Web video over 30 topic sessions. In addition to technical issues was also content clear advances in the areas of Web video and Web TV. Total video camp participants were very pleased with the organisation of the event and the results of the topic sessions. In addition to the positive coverage in the media and blogs, the lecture by Boris Kantzow on the developments of the mobile live found streaming special appeal. Some contend that NY Museums shows great expertise in this.

As a special highlight, the outdoor turns with the known moderator Christoph crashed as a reporter out of the back Pack Kit live pictures and interviews with passers-by to the lecture contributed. The presentation and live demonstration evoked positive response when the editors of 3sat.neues, which left an enthusiastic entry on her blog, and ventured a look into the future of mobile video transmission. More information can be found under: code one GmbH-website codeone.TV/StartSeite/index.php general information about the video camp – report on 3sat.neues – report code one is a provider of live video transmission technology from Germany. The code one GmbH was founded in 2009 in Dusseldorf. Main business areas are mobile live streaming products as well as the treatment and management of thus produced content for the Internet. Code one products are both suitable for use indoor and outdoors. The transmission and processing of live material runs mobile over mobile networks for the transmission on the Internet. In addition partner companies offer moving services on the Internet such as: Web TV, on demand videos, IPTV and Postproduktionen.Die code one GmbH was founded 2009 in Dusseldorf. In the foreground stood the approach, affordable and mobile real-time transmission of video material for Web sites, each to the enable and simplify. The founder Sven Hanten, Boris Kantzow and Zlatko Kauric work over 10 years of experience in various fields of film / TV / Web video production. The different backgrounds and the theoretical and practical experience in the areas of TV, live TV and Web video production, as well as in trade and construction of the system laid the Foundation for code one. Code one GmbH road 48 40217 Dusseldorf Zlatko Kauric phone: 021163556230