Persian Empire

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In the 12th century BC, this town of language aria, from Central Asia, settled on the plateau of Iran, (currently Iran and Afghanistan), between the boundaries of the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, establishing his capital at Susa, along with the Medes, people who dominated them. This situation continued until the middle of the 6th century BC, when the situation changed, under the reign of Ciro II, the great, who defeated the Medes, whose King was called Astyages, and submitted to his authority, accepted by the Medes, to those who showed respect, even towards Astyages, who was forgiven him life. He laid the foundations of a new empire conquering Lydia, in Asia minor, Greek colonies in Asia minor and Mesopotamia, after conquering Babylon. He made a strong military reform, becoming the most important shock force cavalry. Cyrus died in the year 529 BC, during a military campaign. Egypt was subjected under the reign of Cambyses, son of Cyrus, in the year 525 b.c., who did not keep a good Government. He adopted the Egyptian gods, who then insulted, perhaps obscured by the harsh defeats in Nubia and Carthage. At his death, was succeeded by his distant cousin, Dario, who followed the same policy of territorial expansion, in so much that he managed to restore internal order in violent way, until it found brake in Greek city-states that beat in the Persian wars, which made possible the conquest of the Persian Empire by Alejandro of Macedonia in 330 B.c. If you want to know more about carpets enter in original author and source of the article