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Posted by adminNY on January 28, 2019
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This is a concept of intergenerational equity. Second, a mechanism of income inversion minero-energeticos that prioritize its distribution towards the poorest population and will contribute to social equity. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill de Blasio. Third, the recognition of the resources of the subsoil as a property of all Colombians, should favour regional development of all its departments and municipalities. This concept of regional equity strengthens the integration of various territorial entities in pursuit of common projects; also promotes coordination and planning of the investment of resources and prioritization of large development projects in 750 entities regional and municipal, corrupt officials have plundered four trillion by royalties (Cesar stands for) misuse of coal royalties). Processes undertake to 48,000 civil servants, among them 800 mayors and 30 governors and, according to the Attorney General, this is only the tip of the iceberg of corruption. Nothing speaks the articulated as such of the draft legislative act about the actual royalties distribution, therefore understands that this will be competition law, but is precisely now when we must reach an agreement and reconcile what you have to reconcile, on the basis that the concept of royalty is wrong because at least a good part of those resources should really conceived as compensation to entities territorial producerswhich are seriously affected by the production in environmental, water, cultural matters, etc. Now well, I also agree with that the rules that determine the distribution of royalties among the different territorial entities have not taken into account criteria such as the number of inhabitants to benefit, the number of people or poor families, the indices of unsatisfied basic needs of those inhabitants, administrative and financial capacity of the territorial entities and environmental impacts, question is of the utmost importance when we talk about compensation, because don’t forget that natural resources belong to the country, but lies within a regional or subregional territory recognized by our legal system.

I also think that resource distribution of royalties based on the current constitutional design generates the concentration of 80% of these resources in territorial entities which represent 17% of the population and that this situation produces inequity in the distribution of a funding source that should benefit from more balanced manner to all regions of the country, as the explanatory memorandum of the draft says. But how harmonize these concepts so that royalties will benefit the entire country and, at the same time, precisely compensate producing entities? We believe the national Government who tells us in the project that certainly is not intended to deprive producing regions and those that present damage environmental to be in areas of mining activity; But yes is expected that the resources generated by this activity will contribute to the regional development of the country, privileging the regions poorest, through a Fund of Regional compensation that rewards the allocation of resources to these. If this formula is true in reality will meet all quiet, as this indicates that producers bodies with large populations (case Huila and Santander) ensure them compensation very close to what they now get and as coming from mining production increased energy in the coming years will serve the country to save in times of plenty and spend on the lean. The truth today is that everything is discussed and at least the huilenses can not neglect us if no, on the contrary, remain in pied de fight to defend our interests.

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