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Multicultural Dining Experience

Posted by adminNY on September 27, 2014
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Wogaboo has just announced its firm proposal this concept of restoration to all corners of our country through the formula of the franchise, with the decision to achieve 24 local franchisees in 2012. This course comes after five years of ripening, fruit whose success are 6 restaurants that has the brand, all of them in the community of Madrid. It must be traced back to the year 2006, moment in which opens the first establishment to understand the impact of a gastronomic experience without precedent at the national level by then, based on the multicultural environment of New York City, which has spawned, among other things, a celebrated fusion cuisine. Wogaboo also are responsible for what the previous birth of The Wok, which gave beginning to its innovative effort and it earned them as preparation to reach the refinement achieved with this concept. And is that, based on the key logic of success desired by any concept of restoration, namely: offering products of quality at affordable prices in a pleasant atmosphere with impeccable service; on that basis, we say, this teaches brings a nut turn to all these concepts.

Beginning with the heart of a restaurant, that is your kitchen, in Wogaboo the client is with a diversity of dishes of globalized inspiration, which are also prepared in view of the diner, and something that today in day is to take into account, affordable to every pocket. The motto of Wogaboo, Fun Eating, is a declaration of intentions, and its success translates into 45,000 dishes served each month, and more than 70,000 people who, at least once, visited one of the restaurants in 2010. All these customers used another of the features that characterize the new franchise, the table reservation online, which not only lets you choose table and time, but discounts are offered by the simple fact of using the system. So since the month of March, the Ensign has been working on determining the future positioning of Wogaboo in the market, studying the financial viability of the business and the peculiarities of the system of franchise, in addition to an expansion plan. And in this regard, after receiving several interested candidates, it intends to confirm the 6 first franchising before the end of the year, getting duplicate your current network in just a few months after the start of its expansion, and being able to get to the main cities in 2012. Information corporate Wogaboo was born in 2006 as a concept of restoration from the hands of the family Dominguez, creators also brand The Wok. After the success achieved after five years of existence, the brand provides the possibility of expanding through franchising, which offers the formula key in hand from an investment of 1,460 /m, which includes the entry fee, an exploitation royalty of 5% and one of marketing of 2%, with a contract for 10 years. For more information: Jjcomunicaccion 91 409 44 94


Marshall Meyer

Posted by adminNY on September 14, 2014
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Gandhi among the devastating social sins mentioned: worship without sacrifice. Plavnick as Bergman are followers of Marshall Meyer, a Rabbi who gained notoriety during the military governments of Argentina, protecting persecuted leftists, and has the merit of having saved innocent lives. Meyer founded Latinoamericano rabbinical seminary, an institution escaza content but eager for money, who obtain it comes to methods not covered by the Mosaic law, turning quickly to anyone for a reasonable sum. Seminar induces students to rabbis to obtain some degree secular, so that they die not hungry after graduating, trying to lead a congregation to which nobody will go, since they have nothing to offer spiritually. Some rabbis come to erudition and sanctity, something that never happened, nor ever, happen with a conservador-reformista, because your light level of understanding and observance of the Sacred Scriptures there are no place for mysticism. The Bergman style the most visible figure of Argentine reformism is more to attract attention than anything else.

It has the appearance of a Muslim rapper. The modern look serves you to highlight within the secular society, as did his mentors, German Jews who began his ideological trend, adopting the fashions of the time, so the only way of identifying them was seeing if they were circumcised. Later he was with the star on the arm. The Bergman case is unprecedented. There are Jews learned and observant, with broad and deep, knowledge that studied in real theological schools (Yeshivas), were received from rabbis, but never used the title to acquire popularity in an alien to his craft activity. If Bergman wants to make political has every right to do so, but in their personal capacity, not as a Rabbi, and even less as a representative of the Jewish society.

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