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Central Bank

Posted by adminNY on October 30, 2017
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The operations of a transaction, the circulation of money neither correctly lookup nor will they. Who should do this? Shortly after the financial crisis, as the Governors wanted to do something, nothing was done. It’s all continue as before. Of course There are rules that nobody really knows which necessarily must follow no one, because if a rule blocking the others out. The proof are the screens across Europe.

It is a law-free, global, uncontrollable financial area. A simple simple example: You have a Bank and transfers a high amount which increases my capital on my Bank and already I can again lend. I’m the same with you. You must define only the 10 per cent safety for any Central Bank and already I can give back 10 times the amount. Evil tongues even the 100-fold. Of course, I know that this simple example is something more complicated, but the fact is that it works. So trillions that are beyond our knowledge and control are created. A rapid acquisition of money, which is very accessible to few.

Of course are always new creditors, borrowers need to online pick up these available amounts of money and distribute online again, often where it had just given them. Creditors, the is on Devil come out debt. There is there no shortage of private entrepreneurs, States, countries and communities where turning this trillion. You are accepted euphoric, often without thinking about the feedback and interest. The Nations, countries, municipalities, entrepreneurs, farmers, etc. and also the private these funds almost lag behind and the following interest and repayment rates, in turn where the creditor and the they run away uncontrollably. Is the creditor, we at least all are at municipality -, country -, provincial – and public debt under pressure, is shifting restructured, etc and everything starts anew. The interest gushing into the coffers of the banks and speculators and create another, new capital and thus more loans that you can sell.

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Harry Potter Opens

Posted by adminNY on October 28, 2017
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They’ve been ten years portraying their characters in the saga of the famous magician, who arrived when just a few children. Now they embark on new projects of interpretation or return to studies. The end of the saga of Harry Potter films, whose last and final delivery opens this Friday in the United States and the rest of the world, opens a new phase for the Group of young actors who have trained with the adventures of the popular magician. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Harry Potter and the relics of the Muerte-2), its director, David Yates, told the press in New York, have the impression that the circle has been completed. Completed the magic of this saga that led to dishes being around children, their actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint or Matthew Lewis, will continue making films and some dabbling in the theatre, while others such as Emma Watson, return to classrooms, though not those of Hogwarts – those of the series – to complete their education without leaving the action. During some years not felt that it was acting, Watson said during a press conference in New York, recalling that he came to his role as Hermione Granger with just nine years, at the time stressed that now I’ve realized that to be an actress you have to believe in it.Now I know that acting is what I have to do. I’m excited to be an actress, said the English 21 years young, he also noted that he will return to studies in autumn at the University of Oxford.I’m excited for the next chapter of my life, and at the same time I feel sad and somewhat nostalgic. It has been a big part of my life, said the interpreter of Hermione, who described as strange and touching the end of the saga. .

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Ideology Diet

Posted by adminNY on October 28, 2017
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Still a diet takes notes on the bread’s hostility to the disciple of Dr. Robert Atkins with \”low-carbohydrate\” (\”low carb\” carbohydrates) a certain following; even years after his death one of the most popular low-carb preachers is for this supposedly \”revolutionary\” diet, i.e. the cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins. See for example, Eric C. Westman et. Al., new Atkins for a new you: the ultimate diet for shedding weight and feeling great, New York (Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. 2010 \”Atkins\”, so a low-carbohydrate diet, has essentially three key points: you must stop eating when one is tired. NYC Mayor will not settle for partial explanations.

You must exercise; It must be every day in food intake under a certain amount of sugar, usually (much) less than 50 grams. So far nothing is it actually suspend. The alleged \”revolution\” Atkins is now essentially a – if also blatant – error: it reaps the necessary distinction in carbohydrates between on the one hand sugar (monosaccharide /) Grape sugar and double sugar / sugar) and complex carbohydrates (starch). Nutrition experts recommend we know, daily calorie needs at least 50% from carbohydrates cover, plus about 30% fat and 20% protein. However the sugar content should be always below 10% – and with a calorie requirement of 2,000 kcal were just at least 250 g carbohydrates, less than 50 g of sugar. Certainly, you can lose weight with Atkins or increasingly assuming keep an optimal weight -, the energy balance is negative (i.e.

you burn more calories than you take up) or balanced. Because comparative studies of different diets, whether \”low carb\” or \”low fat\” (low fat), show that the calories are ultimately crucial for the weight. Diet is of course more complex: not everyone needs, and not everyone tolerates neither quantitatively nor qualitatively the same food. In that low-carb anyone should inform himself sober, what health Damage can result from low-carbohydrate diet.

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Harvard University

Posted by adminNY on October 24, 2017
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You get completely everything what you want to achieve! If you still doubt it? Try it in your life and you will see the unlimited power that has your mind to achieve things, even the least developed. Dr. Donald Wilson reminds us that we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity, imagine what you can achieve when you’re using the highest capacity that we have. The mind is a powerful tool we all possess and have the responsibility to control it and not vice versa why must learn to discipline to give orders with the purpose of achieving our objectives. Creative visualization enables the law of attraction.

Great athletes and the world’s richest men have it and still use. The power of creative imagination is the greatest gift that has received humanity just have to learn to use it. That is the magic of creative visualization where we give orders consciously to our mind and she uses all the elements of the subconscious and the universe to achieve our desires do that is the display creative? It is the process of creating the wishes that we want to perform, to do so in a conscious way where the mind program the actions we want to achieve our brain works 24 hours a day even when we rest always being processed images thoughts ideas etc. That is why we have to learn how to control and manage our mind, disciplining it and giving orders to help us achieve our goals, that will take us to our personal fulfillment. To be more explicit this technique it consists of relax our mind and body through breathing and then visualize what you want. Relaxation is an important part in this method because it is a vehicle to concentrate better and be able to enter the process of viewing with less disruption. Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard University has demonstrated with scientific studies that simple relaxation procedures can cause profound changes in the nervous system with effects such as the reduction of high blood pressure.

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Air Conditioners Daikin Coolness

Posted by adminNY on October 19, 2017
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To date, the market sector is there is enough considerable number of organizations that provide an opportunity to buy different types of household appliances, not excluding air conditioners. Yet exactly the same as not all split-systems are equally high quality, just not all without exception, the organization still worthy of trust. By choosing a split-system, in any case need to identify valuable aspects – whether there is a master organization that will deliver you this air conditioner will apply whether the installation warranty realizer or manufacturer, is hosting the service center and the like. Moreover, it is useful to be to see how long the company has in the market sector. All this – it is essential to understand the extent to which your choice is correct.

Since the installation of air – this is extremely significant, but the value in including the one who will make subsequent maintenance of air conditioning systems. Most often, technical support may take the service center. For example, if you buy air conditioners panasonic, a service center must be able to accurately and permission to engage in just the instruments of the organization. Of course, if you do not want to soon buy another air conditioner. Various of our compatriots think that right there is no need to buy identify such components as the arrangement of interior technical performance and reliability. And yet, if you value your time, nervous system and do not want to throw money down the drain, this type of problem competently engage in first. In particular it may concern acquisitions over the Internet. It often happens all so that you are with air-conditioning system in one metropolitan area, and service salon – in an entirely different.

In order not to waste their money and health literacy to consider purchasing of warranty.

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Concurenz From Berlin/Brandenburg For The Fashion World

Posted by adminNY on October 17, 2017
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Berlin / Brandenburg entrepreneurs against globalization and high-tech trends in the textile industry Berlin / Brandenburg, April 17, 2012 – it sounds like a worthy projects that realize the three Berlin and Brandenburg entrepreneur Andre Keller, Ronny Breitenfeld and Alexander Schwarz. Concurenz with the T-Shirt brand. the young men go berlin since end of 2011 against the prevailing trends in the textile industry production in low-cost overseas and use of high-tech materials. Set on 100% made in Germany and 100% organic materials. Back to the roots, or but a very clear case of nostalgia is considering also it the mark concurenz is Berlin a revival of the brand CONCURENZ from the 90s? “It is a clear idealism in combination with a great love of an extinct bird: HerrBird” the face of the label. It creates the brand CONCURENZ emerged in the 1990s, spreads quickly via throughout Germany, even on the tables by peek & Cloppenburg and in various trendy shops and online stores the capital city. The range, usually with very fancy cut forms and motifs include shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants and dresses.

Then, about five years ago, the brand disappeared. The three friends basement, Breitenfeld, and black cannot accept just that and stuck thoughts, for 4 years of time and money in the new establishment of the label. Here they set high goals: producing everything from organic materials and all in Germany. (Source: NYC Marathon). A project that is not easy: the trends in the textile industry completely contraire, there in Germany only a few textile manufacturers which produce in Germany complete with organic materials. Not without pride, reported Andre Keller the crowning success of the difficult search to a manufacturer. Finally they couldn’t produce the shirts after their performances. “” Present motives E.g.

HerrBird “tight and loose” are funny, naughty and pretty cool. The material of the shirts touch is soft and very high quality. A hallmark of the label, the thread on the side and the tilted bird with the Crown. Currently distributes concurenz Berlin his shirts via an online store ( and some partner portals. And they plan to continue: the future of HerrnBird more motifs and textile forms bring, such as hoodies and jackets. On the question of what cellar dream concurenz Berlin concerning would be, he replied, laughing: “Jurgen Vogel with a HerrnBird shirt!” The ecology will continue to dominate as a concept in the company. Noble goals that also want to be financed. Everything one by one! “, says Keller. Finally we want to start properly first. With additional financial resources other eco projects be implemented then.” Especially the projects, to become a sponsor partner at an environmental organization is the entrepreneurs at heart. Suggests to it but that it then has something to do with birds. (JB) Press contact: concurenz. Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) Ronny Breitenfeld 33708 930 538

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Creative Imagination

Posted by adminNY on October 14, 2017
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It knows that everything what you are trying now is resulted of the mental images who you created in accordance with the sensations unconsciously and emotions that emitted in the past. If what you created so far you are not of all good, it is in the hour to start to separate to the joio of the wheat, taking off the focus of what it is not good, concentrating itself in all the good. Specific rules do not exist to awake the creative imagination. The only secret is it makes that to feel it the possibility of the accomplishment of what you imagine. It is strengthenn for feeling itself knowing that well now well-being is the seed of the success in all the areas of its life. does not forget to be thankful the Universe for everything every day what you already have and for what already you are. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rudy Giuliani.

The gratitude is a noble feeling makes that it to feel itself well. E, the more gratitude will be capable to reveal? with sincerity? more it will have reasons to be thankful. The gratitude brings obtains a sensation of joy and contentment, basic to attract each time more than what you already have. Moreover, it places it in an essential platform of vibration for the attraction of new positive experiences. Obviously you will enter in conflict you obtain exactly when she will be initiating the process to discipline the imagination. This is normal taking in account the acquired negative standards throughout the life.

However, whenever the negation of what you want to be wants to gain land, it changes the focus, redirected the mind for its ideal. It stops immediately, it calms its mind and it searchs support in the constructed symbols to strengthen its mental image, either one appears or a positive affirmation in writing that you have for close. It looks at for the symbol of its desire, closes the eyes and it feels the joy to be receiving what it wants as a gift of the Universe. It knows that the only solution to move away the doubt is: to believe. Of beginning, to believe what it is not had or to imagine what you are not she will be able to sound false, contradictory, but this is the option correct. You do not have another alternative that is not to exactly change itself of what it is for what it wants to be. E, this change always start for the mind, through the acceptance of that in a subtler plan of the existence, its imagination is the matrix of all its experiences. Finally, he is not anxious trying to control the process of the creation. It does not want to know when, nor as the things will be developed of satisfactory form. The Universe has its proper rhythm and knows which is half the most appropriate one to make the things to happen. Its function in the process consists only of changing the focus of what it does not want for what it wants, of what is negative for what he is positive. has patience. is persistent. One remembers that you will not be able to change of the day for the night the standards that had been fed by its certainties for all the life. It understands that nothing of great if it constructs suddenly.


Central America Initiated A Sustainable Sport Fishing

Posted by adminNY on October 13, 2017
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The representative of the fisheries of Central America counsel counselor ecological impact of fishing tourism in El Salvador, 25 February 2010 – for two days. You want to work out criteria for species of sport fishing, which is an economically relevant alternative for the regional fishing industry. At the opening the Vice Minister for agriculture, Hugo Alexander Flores, derstellvertretende Director of the Centre for the development of fisheries and aquaculture (CENDEPESCA), Cesar Vanegas, Director of the Organization were fisheries along the isthmus of Central America (OSPESCA), as well as of the Central American Integration System (SICA), Mario Gonzalez, and the Director of environmental sciences of the Foundation of billfish (an international organization which is engaged in the ecosystem of the Ocean), Doctor Russell Nelsonthat part. Set of rules for dealing with the species affected by the tourist fishing is on the agenda. The project is driven by the program of regional integration projects, where fishermen can use all the facilities such as sports, tourism and trade as support the livelihood. Tourism and fishing are very important sectors in Central America, since they represent the source of income for the Central American population. Learn more at: Danny Meyer. The OSPESCA, the SICA and the Foundation of billfish, which both analyze the socio-economic impact of sport fishing and explore, as also standards define, determine the Bill fishing for certain species of fish that are the target of this fishery, is how tolerant. Danny Meyer is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

She signed a consent form of cooperation, which confirm the participation of other national and regional institutions on this plan for regional reconciliation. It is created by the Member States of the OSPESCA. This kind of effort favors pressing ahead with programs for infrastructure and services that attract more tourists. Set up trial basis a route along the Central American waterways can be visited and the Fish species of the sport fishing can be used both privately and publicly. The regional coordinator of the OSPESCA, SR. Mario Gonzalez, adding that biological and socio-economic research making is that promote the continued existence and the use of fish or watch. Especially the migratory species of fish contribute to the revival of this fishery. It aims to promote sustainable development of fishing and agriculture as part of the policy of integration of Central America.

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Health Satisfaction

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They still exist, the simple things of this article is to show you that a happy and contented life is actually quite simple. Only three steps are necessary to achieve health, satisfaction, and success. In a nutshell I have summarized the essentials, to give you an overview. This article is available at the beginning of EinfachGemacht, because you should always have the option, quickly come back and once again to understand the basics for a fulfilling and happy life. Let’s start with the most important point, namely the question what means success even before we address the building blocks for health, satisfaction, and success.

For many already the first surprise! What is success? The most important in the question of success is the angle of vision. THEY want to be successful Whether you consider other successful is irrelevant for your satisfaction! The second most important point is the fact that money and career is only one aspect and only Accordingly, what professional and financial things are important to you. Interesting that all wealthy respondents in one study, have called time available luxury! Define for themselves what is important to you! For this considering all important areas of life: family/partnership, friends, hobbies, health, professional and money. Note: All areas of life must be taken into account appropriately! 1 objectives define it’s no secret who don’t know where to go, who finds a way to embark on it difficult! This component is so simple and yet it is rarely made. Ask friends, what goals they have in their lives and you will look in 99 percent of cases only in a surprised face. Hardly anyone can clearly articulate what he expects. Rather, you may nominate still the targets of his favorite team for the upcoming season. Why we give us rather desires, dreams, and aspirations and then sad and depressed because we never achieve this?

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Federal Environment Ministry

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Forum “Virtual power plants” during the DENEX in Wiesbaden the increasing supply of electricity decentrally generated and the fluctuating supply of renewable energy from wind or Sun make our electricity grids to a hard test. Intelligent control techniques are needed to get the grid stability. A much promising approach is the concept of the virtual power plant, which is currently being tested in several pilot projects. The DENEX exhibition and Congress examines what technical requirements are necessary and what opportunities they provide the energy industry in a forum on the 18.11.2011 what virtual power plants can afford. More than 20 percent of the electricity from renewable sources in Germany – this was announced by the Federal Environment Ministry end of August this year.

This share will increase further, because despite the agreed phase-out of nuclear energy, the Federal Government wants to adhere to their climate goals. Renewable energy will be a key pillar of energy supply in more than ever. However, this change raises problems. Firstly, electricity from renewable energy sources is often far away produced by the consumer. Secondly, offer two major sources, wind energy and photovoltaic, a volatile, weather-dependent yield. And thirdly is the regenerative electricity generation decentralized in many, small equipment, rather than centrally in large power plants. The grids are currently but not designed for these new requirements: the grid stability is at risk.

One possible solution is the concept of the virtual power plant. Behind it stands the idea, the power of many small, decentralized power generators such as wind energy or photovoltaic systems, CHP or small hydro power plants, but also power supply replacement equipment and emergency power generators to a larger virtual unit bundle and jointly control. Also power storage and electric appliances are integrated into the Federation. The different components of a virtual power plant can compensate for fluctuations in performance with each other.

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