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Posted by adminNY on October 30, 2017

The operations of a transaction, the circulation of money neither correctly lookup nor will they. Who should do this? Shortly after the financial crisis, as the Governors wanted to do something, nothing was done. It’s all continue as before. Of course There are rules that nobody really knows which necessarily must follow no one, because if a rule blocking the others out. The proof are the screens across Europe.

It is a law-free, global, uncontrollable financial area. A simple simple example: You have a Bank and transfers a high amount which increases my capital on my Bank and already I can again lend. I’m the same with you. You must define only the 10 per cent safety for any Central Bank and already I can give back 10 times the amount. Evil tongues even the 100-fold. Of course, I know that this simple example is something more complicated, but the fact is that it works. So trillions that are beyond our knowledge and control are created. A rapid acquisition of money, which is very accessible to few.

Of course are always new creditors, borrowers need to online pick up these available amounts of money and distribute online again, often where it had just given them. Creditors, the is on Devil come out debt. There is there no shortage of private entrepreneurs, States, countries and communities where turning this trillion. You are accepted euphoric, often without thinking about the feedback and interest. The Nations, countries, municipalities, entrepreneurs, farmers, etc. and also the private these funds almost lag behind and the following interest and repayment rates, in turn where the creditor and the they run away uncontrollably. Is the creditor, we at least all are at municipality -, country -, provincial – and public debt under pressure, is shifting restructured, etc and everything starts anew. The interest gushing into the coffers of the banks and speculators and create another, new capital and thus more loans that you can sell.

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