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Rose Geranium

Posted by adminNY on August 28, 2019
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Neroli oil is an oil that relaxes and has an effect that balances, wonderful in all types of oily to dry skin. This essential oil is also known to help with the regeneration of the skin cells. Patchouli oil has regenerating properties and is widely used in the treatment of skin conditions. Due to his actions of skin regeneration, patchouli oil is excellent as healing for all types of scar tissue including stretch marks. Rose Geranium oil is an oil widely used to improve the skin tone and to slow the aging of the skin. Help to remove and prevent all types of scars, marks of stretch and cellulite and is also useful for treating hormonal problems related to fluid retention.

Rosehip Oil has the ability to rebuild the damaged skin tissue and can reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks as well as preventing the development of new ones. Oil vitamin is also a very popular oil for all types of scars and stretch marks. This oil promotes healing in the skin, prevents free radical damage and ensures optimum skin health. Ingredients in homeopathic remedies to prevent stretch marks, or Striae. Calcium fluoride is a salt biochemistry that helps strengthen, tone and restore elasticity to all the cells and tissues of the body. Calcium phosphate restores strength to the body tissues and is useful during times of growth and development. It is also useful to improve circulation, bones and teeth. Natrium muriaticum helps maintain water balance in the body and is an essential component of all living cells. These natural ingredients work internally to prevent stretch marks, improve the tone of the skin and connective tissue, providing flexibility and elasticity and preventing water retention and swollen ankles.

Madrid Entries

Posted by adminNY on August 27, 2019
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Recently bullfighters and herds which will participate in the three large celebrations in Madrid have been confirmed: the Feria de San Isidro, the fair’s anniversary and the community fair. The first thing we find is the community fair, which will open the doors of sales as prolegomeno San Isidro; a bullfight, a goyesca corrida and three bullfights will be the prolegomeno a large Madrid bullfighting month. The center of the season Madrid will be the Feria de San Isidro. Considered one of the three most important bullfighting fairs, this year many critics consider it one of the best posters of the past years despite the sad, even indefinite leave of absence, of the great Thomas Jose. As major attractions we can find works of Jose Maria Manzanares, Morante de la Puebla or Cayetano, each with his own style and that will give the best of himself before a few bulls that entries caste and nobility to the public. Finally, Madrid celebrations will end with the fair’s anniversary, a fair which is held Since 2006 and pays tribute to the 75th anniversary of the plaza de Las Ventas.

During the second week of June you can witness five major bullfights and a bullfight should, in addition to lift to the public present, closed the bullfighting season in Madrid this year. Madrid this year promises of work for all tastes and a few exceptional posters that will take many years to return to advertise.