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Big Ben

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Azeris, as well as Americans, British and Scots are very different. Rudy Giuliani is likely to agree. I lived in those countries, so I can say with certainty. Single National type difficult to see, but it can and nowhere. – What reminds you of Azerbaijan in his native Scotland? – The best answer to your question may be that when I was in their homeland, they asked me about our country, and I am posted: Baku is more like London and New York than you can imagine, living in the West. Unfortunately, the British Azerbaijan is associated with Russia and Iran.

Iraq, Middle East, which is very far from reality. They see the tragic events of the media in these countries and think that the same events take place in Baku, the capital of an undeveloped state, which is geographically located to the south of Russia and north of Iran. The purpose of creation of my book is just the visible answer to such questions about Baku. I show them the pictures are taken and the audience are always amazed. In May, I showed these pictures in London, the audience was very surprised and asked me – where this country? – I also marvel at seeing your pictures.

Perhaps their success is that the photos were taken from a distance, and the camera does not see trash on the streets, broken sidewalks? – If you find yourself in London or New York, the see the same flaws as in Baku. Last month I was walking around London and saw the inscriptions on the walls, dirt on the streets. But the fact that the Americans and British will show you the best places in the cities, beautiful views of the London and New York, photographed them and smash around the world. Visitors to London tourists are not interested in street dirt, and famous throughout the world tower Big Ben, Westminster Palace, and others you – Azeris should not only think about bad the sides of your capital.

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The Internet

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for the ralacionados terms that search to its market. You may find that Danny Meyer can contribute to your knowledge. We advance in this basic analysis of the opportunity of existing market for this company of production or trade of fruits, through Web or Internet. A brief analysis in Google reports an average of searches done by people interested in the related terms, tropical fruits and to us exotic frutis in an amount of more than 80700 searches, for only these two related phrases. (Data offered by). These data demonstrate a very important commercial viability, in fact we have found a very interesting market here in this example. If this company sets out to arrive at is exitente market in the network, of insurance it will be able to trade its products to these potential consumers. Most interesting this private preserve is than this market not none, but he is available in the Internet, abierto to that any Industralist with vision, it can trade its products or services to this hearing of people interested in icho of specific market, and everything with a minimum investment.

You dear reader the amount of commercial contacts and potential sales calculate that this Ecuadorian company he will be able to only reach through this means of diffusion with but of 80700 searches after two terms only search of the hundreds of other terms relacionads that esten available. This brief example demonstrates clear that to the Internet, in opposition to the Television or the Radio, allows to create, to develop and to obtain results us focused to our market and its potential consumers of effective, fast way and without investments majors. This does not happen in the Television for example, that shows commercial warnings per seconds, to all a hearing focused, when more according to hearing schedules. Something very limited and concise at the time of obtaining real clients for a specific market dejenme to say to them. Of course, all publicity is good, but it considers that the Internet was created having like objective empoderar to weakest, giving to a way of expression and freedom without restrictions to the common citizen of the world. Helping to the entrepreneur of any luga to find a space real of diffusion of market. Ecuador cannot fail to take advantage of this historical opportunity to arise in this field and power to compete in equality of conditions with any company or business at world-wide level! It is responsibility of the professionals, students and common citizens inlcuso, that this new door towards the development is abierta and operated to their maximum capacity, or perhaps we are going to wait for by the Government or the Ministries so that they show the way to us? The Internet he is Global, it has arrived and it is the most real option of development than and you have appeared us in long time who hara on the matter? By: Mauritius Villacreses M. original Author and source of the article.



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The philosopher believed that he was not possible in the meeting with the other to know its subjectivity for this if to find canine tooth and hidden in its body. Of this form he understood that one to who observed started to have an in agreement significao its thought and the representation that made of its image. The human being it was represented perspective according to cartesian, as a machine, this because it would not have possibility to also explain what it had in its interior, not being possible the explanation of what it appears in the gestures expressed for the face. According to author, when our vision finds the other, nor always is the human being that we see … but object of science.

When the other looks at me … for science is: an eye is crystalline, with the crnea and the retina. (LUIJPEN, 1973 p.274) As a distance between I and the other exists, my thought from determined attitude congregates information representative regarding what I see, the other is a meeting of concepts carried through in my proper thought. For Discardings, everything what it is observed in my being also exists in the other person and, is leaving of what I judge to know on I myself, that I construct to the necessities and the reality of the other person. Thus ' ' … the other does not pass of that I myself I create … the other I am I myself. (GALLO, 2008 p.2) From this, Discarding it inaugurated a philosophy of the conscience, where the reality this in the interior, that is attributed by the deductive thought: to know the other having in focus my proper thought, not needing contact.

Cartesian thinking foca about an imprisoned man in its solitude, not having … solidarity with the men who outside exist of me …. (JACOBY, 2008 p.4) the philosopher still observes that the representative thought is present in all the human beings and, that we are capable of through our conscientious one constructing the reality of something.


Brand Shoes Online Search, Find And Buy

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Brand shoes online search, find and buy online shopping”, so the shopping on the Internet, has become increasingly popular in the last years. While this form of shopping under no circumstances will be limited to purely exotic article. The advantages of online shopping are here plainly: you can comfortably from home out to the desired articles search and make price comparisons. This is beneficial especially in the run-up to Christmas: you have more set foot outside the door and through crowded shopping streets torment, to find appropriate gifts for family or friends. Now, even things of everyday life as food, for example, can be purchased from online shopping.

Also in terms of sex distribution of shopping online customers a clear change is now off. Was mainly the purchase of fashion clothes or cheaper shoes in female hand, so in the meantime more and more men are discovering the advantage of online shopping. The visit of shoes online shops is therefore both for male and female customers sense and brings many advantages, because the stressful running a shoe store in the other falls away and you can search for desired shoes in peace and quiet of the home computer. An online shop for shoes waiting for it with the same advantages like many other online shops also: the customer can look at the article in peace and quiet and then order. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rudy Giuliani has to say. In an incorrect order, so if the one or other shoe does not fit, the appropriate article can be exchanged easily in a different size.

Although the purchase takes the missing people crowding so time slightly longer than the direct purchase in the business and a sometimes much more favourable price is argument but for many clients enough for an online order. Another advantage is that many of the online shops for shoes currently allow a significantly longer return policy. Especially at Christmas, if you intended to donate a pair of shoes the loved ones, sometimes it doesn’t fit at the end, that is perfect, because the shoes then also After the holidays still easily be exchanged can. “Bottom line, it is completely no matter which way of shopping to now choose: always the classical way, the customer can” go and fight through crowded streets to buy shoes in one of the many shops. An other, but much more stress-free alternative is but the shoes order now for Christmas. Worth is therefore always a try!

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Startup Professionals

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The E-commerce specialists of K – new media GmbH & co. If you would like to know more then you should visit NY Restaurateur. KG start an online shop for cats and dogs Berlin with With, a new online store for cats and dogs opened in November 2011. Behind the pet shopping portal is the venture capital and E-Commerce incubator K – new media GmbH & co. KG, which opens up new business territory for themselves with the pet market.

Pet food and pet supplies for dogs and cats – that was already new land for our team”, shop manager Barbara Bos admitted at the official launch of the online pet shops. But the market potential is still large and also dog and cat owner would know to appreciate a clean shop offer and reliable service. In the development of based on Magento shop system, the creators relied on her expertise in the area of E-Commerce and mail order expertise of parent company K – mail order GmbH & co. KG (Bell shipping”). Goal was with a user friendly structure, a clear visual design as well as customers with simple and comfortable navigation and ordering processes even Internet novice to win. Especially older people often fail on the overloaded sides in the competition. With we offer an attractive alternative”, commented Ms.

Bos. was positioned as a specialist for cats and dogs. Similarly compact and clearly the range in four key categories could be structured and encoded with an intuitive color scheme. E-commerce means for us, people to offer not only products, but buying online as a pleasant experience to make”stressed the shop manager at the launch. In addition to the user-friendly design of the front end, above all the order processing and to the adequate integration of the shop Systemin stood the ERP in the foreground. Easier and faster”was the premise – both potential clients and the service team in the background. Corporate information: The K – new media GmbH & co. KG is as a joint venture and E-Commerce incubator in the area of E-commerce. Objective of the company is to promote innovative business models and technologies, to develop and to accompany the practical implementation. The K – new media GmbH & co. KG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of K – mail order GmbH & co. KG (Bell shipping”) and thus has strong expertise and powerful infrastructures in the shipping trade. Contact for the media: Jens Ullrich E-Mail: telephone: 030 2408 832-100 K – new media GmbH & co. KG Rosenthaler Strasse 42 10178 Berlin


Station Manager

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The nurses on the wards can all this in see apenio. The system also automatically generated instructions. Are the doctors and nurses in the Heidekreis-Klinikum Ward trolleys with filing available to the business. We chose this route because we can not immediately free of paper work. In a transitional period still third-party findings, Konsiliarscheine or ECG recordings will be with us”, so Sandtvos. The visit to the stations is carried out using five mobile devices, take doctors and nurses at the patient’s bedside. Thanks to the deep integration of apenio in the KIS the digital fever curve and all tabs of the patient are viewable in the same view.

So, the doctor with a single mouse click has access to all investigations, documents, reports, OP reports, laboratory data and the like. To do this he can write at the bedside performance requirements on the functional areas. Him so are a variety of information and possibilities into a view available”, is the project leader inspires of the merits mobile business. Complete and efficient documentation backed up so the employees of all areas are also very satisfied with the electronic care planning and documentation. In pre-digital times, the care has wished always a structured care process scheduling. Today she makes easy, what turns out to be the big win. And not only in terms of effectiveness, but through the standard care plans even at the quality. Each intervention is transparent and can be applied”, so Sandtvos.

With apenio, a complete documentation is also guaranteed. It begins with that paper-based interventions typically only once collected per shift. Thus, often many services fell under the table, for example, at a lavish supply of incontinence. Because the system binding indicates the tasks, they can be quickly and easily confirmed and thus documented”, explains the project manager. Since all manual activities such as notes and transfers into the accounts for patient files, can the nurses again increasingly focus on patient care. All information are available, multiple employees can work in parallel on a patient’s chart. In another aspect, the solution has fully met the expectations: with the use of apenio no overhead for the nursing staff when collecting BAULOGIS. The identification of BAULOGIS patients is carried out automatically by the system, and they are designated automatically in the PPR rating A4. The highly complex patients with a look at the Station Manager are so visible. For controlling and coding specialists, the appropriate OPS is thrown immediately. Through the clear presentation of the reached number of points after days of possible requests of the MDK and the cost can be answered easily and quickly we are in care on a good path and could the effectiveness and increase the satisfaction of our employees. The digital system was very well received and is due to its obvious advantages and ease of use have quickly been accepted “, is very satisfied Hospital Project Director of Jorn Sandtvos after a year of apenio in the district. How to contact with atacama Software GmbH Anne-Conway-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen phone: 04 21 / 2 23 01-19 press contact ralf buchholz healthcare communications Ralf Buchholz Kieler Strasse 212 22525 Hamburg phone: 0 40 / 20 97 68 05

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Print Ads Goodbye! Why Oust The Popular Print Ads Online Ads

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Time has become a kind of luxury goods and accordingly will be weighed up what you have “Time”. One reason more to opt for ads in the online space. Abandon ads online saves the contact to a newspaper publisher. It saves also costs and online ads are also flexible. What exactly is a classified ad? Classified ads are not particularly large – as the name says -. That’s why it is compact and informative on the ad space to bring as possible as many information. Classified ads are probably the smallest kind of a form of advertising.

This consists of images and texts. Mostly private providers advertise in local ad markets where Classifieds have many other names. They are called quotes, listings, heading indicator or also listings. These ads are arranged in different categories. Jobs help to find a new job (mostly even the largest advertising market). You can search for vacancies, or also advertise.

The contact advertisements are another form of ads. Here are looking for like-minded people for leisure activities or even more. Also there’s family ads, are advertised in these births and deaths. Often, also Jubilees and birthdays are listed. The ads are a further Division. Here to locate missing persons, lost valuables but also stolen goods. Finally the is to mention internal display which is connected mainly by companies. The “Yellow pages” and phone books are a good example of this. Not sold ad space is used here for self-promotion. These companies advertise their own products or even their own company. What one called the “Classifieds”? Classifieds is mainly used in the English-speaking. They referred to the umbrella term for all ad types. What kind of ads are advertised primarily? Most of the listings are abandoned by individuals who also are looking for or sell something. These include articles that were created in home work, collectibles or even junk.

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Free Classifieds

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You are a significant sector Service performance indicators. These include all listings which offer a service or find how any 400-euro-jobs. Contact ad access in this sector with “Escort advertisements”. But companies also use this kind of advertisements to reach jobs. Can you delete an unneeded ad? In a newspaper, that’s not possible, of course.

Usually has to be paid for an issue, i.e. the display is no longer included with the next release of the magazine or the newspaper. Online ads you can prolong as long ad, as it is needed. You can at any time change its display in the Internet or delete. This requires however that it has previously stated his contact information and can access its listings with a password. Also, online ads are most informative as print ads because you can enter a greater length of the text and can be also multiple photos. What should you choose? Print ads or online ads? You should keep themselves in mind, that Print ads are rigid.

You you can no longer change or delete. Also the ad duration is set. Online ads are flexible here. These can be edited at any time, or deleted. In addition, they are usually free and reach a large readership. Print ads are limited to the appearance area. Where can you find free classified ads online? “Free Classifieds” in the enter search engine such as Google or Yahoo, already appear quite simply the term perse ad markets. Now the customer must choose only one or he simply advertised in several. Forget you should not the “eye-catcher” However, little, what makes the display so that it appeals to a still wider circle of readers and makes the display attractive.

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Why Should I Pay For Classified Ads?

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Classifieds are increasingly popular. This publication of ways: a display refers to a publication or an advertisement (often called also advertisement or listing) in a public newspaper, which normally provided against payment in order in the usual sense. There are different categories of ads, such as ads for products, personals, leisure listings, family ad, animal listings or even jobs, the unique or even over a longer period switched on can be. Ads newspapers financed exclusively through the sale of ads. Private messages are usually free of charge, however, commercial ads are typically must be paid. Instead of printed advertising fliers, more and more ad portals, which offer their services either for a fee or free of charge can be found also in the Internet.

This is due to the decline of advertising in the print media. Many people find it easier to place an ad over the Internet quickly. An online ad can be even subsequently edited or deleted while a print ad is published up to the next issue. The Internet can be tracked, how many times the ad has already been read and this can affect the selling price. By targeted categorizing the user itself decides which ads he would like to see and which he clicks on. Thus the advertising will not be the consumer but the consumer choose specifically which, what he needs. This is a high level of acceptance among users.

Very indispensable print media are not however, because it is read by many people in the future who prefer this form of display of the electronic version. Print media have the advantage to be able to be taken anywhere. They are not dependent on battery life and data transfer costs and find another place also on smallest space.


Customs Warns Trick Fraudsters From Turkey

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McTipps – useful news about flying vol. 13 at irregular intervals, McFlight published as customer service worth knowing and useful for vacation planning, if arriving by plane will take place. See all McTipps in the service area on the website of McFlight. Customs warns travelers who bring such a carpet or jewellery from their vacation in Turkey and get a letter or call of the seller’s money demands upon their return fraudsters Turkey holiday-makers, should keep calm. Cerberus Capital Management often says this. Because it is scam. The dealers urge vacationers, them to submit proof of customs clearance on the importation of goods to Germany. Otherwise, a penalty payment which must be charged under certain circumstances to German customers threaten the Turkish companies. At the same time threatens with a display with the German authorities.

The customs points out that it is all previously known cases con artists, the cluelessness of vacationers to take advantage of To try. The person concerned is therefore advised to contact the local police or customs authorities. There is information on the importation of goods from EU and non-EU countries under… Online form wants to facilitate the formalities for travel to the subcontinent India from July for a visa India with an online form for the visa application. This announced the Indian tourist office in Frankfurt. The visa to be issued within one day. Swiss baggage regulations for ticket purchases also simplifies the rules of the so-called piece concept by August 1 to apply to the Swiss airline on all flights.

In economy class a piece of luggage may be taken as the future up to maximum 23 kg, in the business and first class each baggage up to 32 kg. Members of miles & more bonus programme can add additional pieces of luggage, free depending on status. For infants under two years of age without their own seat, foldable baby carriage, as well as an additional piece of baggage can by maximum 23 kg free of charge are checked in. For Swiss tickets purchased before August 1, the old rules still apply. The airline carry-on rules remain also remained unchanged. is a pioneer in ticket sales in the German-speaking Internet. Since 1997, independent airline more than 500 airlines are compared. The years of experience and profound knowledge of the market benefit the many customers. In addition to the quick and simple flight booking, hotel rooms and rental cars can be booked. Also, area, which provides the latest information and latest deals around the fly has an interesting news.

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