Jose Willian

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Then the great interest of U.S.A., without a doubt, is to obtain the oil since it is a country that although to be a great producer also it is the consuming greater, arrives to aconsumir 94% of what it produces. With the small excess a great risk runs to suffer with the product lack, from there this can be one of the reasons of the occupation in Iraq, however they allege other reasons as to become Iraq in a democratic country and a republic. Please visit New York Museums if you seek more information. In case that she had the lack of the oil in the United States would be one strong crisis, therefore the same she would be necessary to import product and she would be depending on other countries where she produces As they do not want this, is better to use strategies to conquer territories that they possess what they want to find it. As Huntington studies demonstrates that this globalizado world already more does not admit that an only power exists to dominate the world. The States world and the reality of each nation if it comes across with the changes of economic domain, politician and power.



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The education according to Callai: ' ' an education that develops the logical reasoning, the criticidade, the instrumentalizao to use the knowledge coherently, the capacity to think and especially of being able to construct to the thought with authorship prpria' ' (p.135). The education, being understood as awareness process only is that it really translates the nature human being. That is, it can unmask the social masks, politics, economic and cultural making possible to the pupils acquisition of knowing to think the space where they live. Necessary also to act in the reaffirmation of the power of Geography in the interpretation of the questions that refer to world-wide problems and modifications inside the current reality of Brazil of a historical context. The magnifying of geographic knowing in the schools has the power of contribution with the education of Geography Criticizes that it is not based only on theoretical concepts more in the experience of practises daily According to ICCP (1988) if understands for education the set of influences that the society exerts on the individual. This implies that the human being if educates during all the life. ' ' The education consists, before all, in conditional a social phenomenon historically and with one marked class representative character.

Through the education the transmission of experiences of a generation to outra.&#039 will be guaranteed; ' (ICCP, 1988, p.31) According to Lnin, V (apud. ICCP, 1988), the education is a general and perpetual category, therefore it is inherent part of the society since its sprouting. Also, the education constitutes an essential link in the successive development of this society, the point not to conceive description-social progress without its presence. For Martins, J (1990) the education is a process of action of the society on educating, aiming at to deliver it according to its social, economic standards, politicians, and its interests. The necessary preparation for the life is recognized here, already related in other definitions and that it is only cheated through strong certainties and defined in accordance with these standards well.


The God

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Erasmo Carlos ' ' The value of the Man for its clothes or the goods does not measure that it possesss. The true value of the man is in its character, its ideas and the nobility of its ideais' '. Charles Chaplin DEDICATION To my parents, Jose Estcio Limeira Da Silva and Jar de Souza Pear tree It hisses, that they are main the responsible ones for plus a carried through dream, therefore with its teachings and rules had taught to the importance of the ability, the ethics, the professionalism and, above all, they had shown to me that in the life everything to give certain when we full in them of love, good will and perseverance. i GRATEFULNESS ' ' Everything what you can make or dream you will reach, being thus, hands to obra' '. (Goethe) I dedicate this monograph as form of gratefulness and expression of my perpetual gratitude to they make that me to dream and to believe that it is possible to make the dream to happen.

The God, for having illuminated me in all the moments of my life, giving always good sense to me, humildade and perseverance ahead of the difficulties imposed for the circumstances of the daily one. To my Ctia brothers, Jonathan and Bruna, for the complicity and understanding and, for always believing my capacity to be successful. To my nephews Clear Maria, Bruno and Estcio Grandson, whom with its innocence my life of peace, love and joy full teaching, me that family is, without a doubt some, the better greater and of all the gifts. To my brother-in-law Valter, that with its joy and simplicity has shown me that the life so is not complicated, is we complicates who it. To the Prof. Dr. Joselisa Maria Keys, all guided that me during the course it directed and me in the way of the construction of the knowledge.


Content Ground

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It protects the ground against the impact likes of them rain (effect splash), contributes for a bigger infiltration of the water in the ground, improves the structure of the ground for the addition of organic substance, increasing, therefore, the retention of the water, as well as diminishing the speed of the superficial draining. The rain drop when it falls in a land covered with dense vegetation, this if divides in several gotculas, diminishing, therefore, the impact. Already in naked lands, it makes to unfasten and to sprinkle particles of the ground, where these easily are carried by the water. In our research, it was possible to evidence this process, where it had two naked parcels, two parcels with vegetation (grassy) and two parcels with vegetation dense (closed), with sufficient organic substance in the ground. During the collections of data, we evidence that the parcels with naked ground had presented greaters values of erosive data, that is, greaters losses of ground; already in the parcels covered for the grassy ones, the loss of alone was lesser, occurring a bigger sedimentation, therefore the roots ' ' seguram' ' the sediments. In the parcels with dense vegetation, having sufficiently organic substance, it did not have losses of ground, remaining the data in zero.

We observe in these parcels that the vegetation when if it decomposes, it increases the content of organic substance, contributing for the porosity and the capacity of retention of the water. Amazing restaurateurs opinions are not widely known. The erosion of the ground, when this is sped up, affects the life of many people, in different ways, being still difficult to understand the magnitude of the problem. The producers are sufficiently wronged with this sped up process, having many times, its lost plantations on account of the great sedimentation deposited on these. The erosive processes they need to be folloied, therefore, it will have been detected in the start, exist some writs of prevention so that the process if does not intensify, so that it does not come to cause problems of great magnitudes, therefore, the process can evolve for ravinas and soil erosions.


Critical Geography

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Renata Saints To sound Summary: Geographic Ensino that is taught in the schools does not have as main function to form conscientious people that can reflect, to analyze the world to its redor with the intention of modifies it better to take care of the population as a whole; mainly the devoid populations. Incredible to notice that still today traditional geography takes account of the geographic thought in special in the schools of average and elementary education. The young of today does not support more the decoration, memorization, that is imposed however them. Recently savvy restaurateur sought to clarify these questions. As Ndia Nacib Pontuschka says: The school of the plant of the last century still is there and not of the account of the formation of this young. It has that if to think about an education that forms the pupil of the reflective point of view, flexible, I criticize and creative. (pg.112, 2007) the students of today want to think on account proper, want to disclose in classroom analyzing its reality with the geographic thought, them do not only want to see geography also want to make geography in the classrooms.

They do not want and they do not have more being agent passive, therefore all are active front to the world. Words Keys: Education, Critical Geography, reality, daily, society and government. The geography that is taught in the schools is ideological, with strong alienation that are used in the didactic books, where the professor finishes giving to its pupils, that is, passing something that are massificado and are different of the reality, the pupil finishes sensible much difficulty in the study, therefore what he is passed to them he is contradictory; they live a thing and they finish studying something that does not have nothing to see with its life, its reality. Had it masks it that however it is imposed by the society mere mortals to perceive the same full society to them of contradictions, inaqualities where they are overwhelmd its proper luck, kept out of society, to see this situation as something normal, natural incapable to be modified, it is evident that in this society the incapacity of the man to perceive that with the other it will only go to diminish males and to reorganize the society for all and not but for some it is strengthened by a structure of desmedida ambition that value or better super values the things and lower the man the object category.


Urban Climate

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World-wide Apopulao changed its predominant characteristic of agricultural urban parapredominante in the end of century XX, in which the majority of the people passoua to present in bigger concentration in the cities. NoBrasil, the coming for the city happened in middle of the decade of 60. Connect with other leaders such as Brooklyn Museum here. The processobrasileiro of urbanization generated cities with expressive degradation of condiesde life and the urban environment. Apartir of the decade of 70, that the studies of the urban climate had passed the serintensificados ones in Brazil, therefore the concern with the alterations introduzidaspelo process of urbanization in the quality of the air of the cities consisted in principalalerta it to awake the interest for elaboration of these studies. In a question-answer forum Bill de Blasio was the first to reply. Hunter, 1984, apud Mendona, 2003, say that a considerable number of cities of portepequeno, great medium and in Brazil was white of inquiry of its atmosfricosurbanos environments from the decade of 60. Osestudos of the basea urban climate in fields as: The thermodynamic and the campohidrometerico. Initial Nafase of research on urban climates in Brazil until the current days seobserva a great advance, the majority of them in the region located in the Center-South, therefore is in this portion of the Brazilian territory that also if locates the maiordensidade of urbanization and the biggest urban areas, also is nelasque inhabits most of the populaobrasileira.


Statistics State

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Recognizing the use of the water, in order to stimulate the region, always fortifying and improving its agricultural production through the electric energy. Disponibilizando to these devoid families, one politics to usufruct of conscientious form the machines, engines and diverse resources moved to the electricity, without harming the environment and enabling of economic form the use of the water in the paraibano Wasteland. Official site: Rudy Giuliani. Being thus, the population of this region will be always relating the hdrica and ambient management of indissocivel form in one search sustainable politics of, that it makes possible the collective to acquire more conscience of the natural resources of that makes use and if becoming more responsible for the environment of which the man participates intensely for its social dimension, cultural and ambient. Always in search of the quantitative and qualitative balance of the hdrico rocking of demand x availability, preventing that the hdricos resources come to become themselves into a limitante factor the economic and social development in the Mesorregio of the Wasteland Paraibano..


Atlantic Ocean

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The city of Cuiab this situated in the called unit of relief Cuiabana Depression. In its entorno the city of Cuiab possesss the following relief formations: Depression of Paraguay, Plateaus of the Guimares, Plateaus of Are Vicente, Plateaus of the Rind, Plateaus of Tapirapu. The Cuiabana Depression presents a relief in interflvios of topos smoothed with valleys in ' ' V' ' , to the times in Christians or hills of smoothed topos. The altimetric quotas vary between 180 m in the fertile valley of the river Cuiab 580 m in the daily pay – mountain range of the Guimares, the regolito mantle that occurs in the area and of small thickness, being re-covered by gravel pit and ferruginosas harnesses. Recently Rudy Giuliani sought to clarify these questions. Such gravel pits are constituted of argillaceous fraguimentos of quartz stream beds with areno matrix – argillaceous, deriving of the quartz lodes that cut the rocks. The predominant draining in the Cuiabana Depression is dentrtica in headboards. In the courses of these rivers, it clearly observes – its structural control. Continue to learn more with: New York Museums. (Mundium, 1982) 4.1.3 Ground Throughout the microbasin if perceives that the ground if finds desnudado very, tan it to you in the left edge how much in the right edge.

Everything this having occupation for residences and plantations of cultivations. The ground is characterized for following the areno profile – argillaceous, yellow color – colored, fragmentos and 2 quartz blocks of m of bigger axle in oxidation process. The filitos very little modified cut by quartz lodes, the times intercalated with granulation sandstone, varying of fine the thick one. 4.1.4 Climate the city of Cuiab, possesss the dry and alternatingly humid tropical climate with high temperatures pointing out between 20c and 28c, therefore the city of Cuiab if points out in the portion of the state of Mato Grosso. In the state of Mato Grosso the alternatingly dry one occurs two climatic types tropical and humid in the part south center and the part to the north it predominates the equatorial climate with influence of proceeding air masses in the continent and Atlantic Ocean.


The Sea

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This heating of waters provokes forts rains in some places and droughts in others as it affirms Mendona: Affecting the climatic dynamics in global scale, the occurrence of the phenomenon generates brusque climatic alterations in the world, with impacts generalized on the activities human beings, generated for innumerable on catastrophes the severe droughts, floodings and cyclones (MENDONA, 2007, P. 192). After the ticket of the El nio verifies the appearance of an inverse phenomenon, called woollen nia, that it is a cold phase. Giving to continuity the climatic changes, the decrease of the ozone concentration is perceived in the Stratosphere, what it will increase the solar radiation and it will favor the rise of the temperatures, that consequently will raise the convection and the evaporation, because it will modify the atmospheric circulation, increasing rains and mainly the storms, this in some places, while others will provoke droughts. Of this form, ' ' hot chains you stimulate the evaporation and the condensation, produce climates rainy, to the step that the colds they stabilize air, being responsible for the sprouting of deserto' ' (CONTI; FURLAN, In: ROSS, 2001, P.

96). Another consequence of the increase of the temperature will be the melting of the marine ice and continental glaciers, what it will contribute for the rise of the level of the oceans. It is also known that the increase of the temperature of the water of the sea favors the formation of the tropical cyclones, as hurricanes and tufes, therefore the measure that the ocean heats it becomes it propitious to the formation of these cyclones. With this, the speed of the winds increases, while the pressure lowers, causing increase of the level of the sea, with gigantic waves. This tropical riot requires superior temperature 26,6 C and the 320 strong winds being able to arrive km/h and having as main power plant the heat and the humidity of the oceans.


Santa Catarina

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Seeing is extended for poder.' ' (COLLOT, 1990:27) To observe the contours of the convivncia with the way to a large extent consists of a etnogrfico work of impressions of the experimentation human being. Easily the human phenomenon of the experimentation is neglected and normally they are tied to the human work that marks the landscape. This action human being on the nature, the work, seems to perhaps comfort in consequence of an academic economicista vision or a thought occidental person who permeia the constructions human beings and not really the man. (TUAN, 1980) To construct a reflective look on the place, with its meanings cultural and personal, and to understand the elements of the landscapes, she is one of the main attributions of the professor when to deal with the environment. Remembering that the understanding of the culture, the society, the nature and all is essential the elements that compose the experience of the human being. Knowing the Place: General characterization of the City of Joinville Located north-eastern of the State of Santa Catarina, the city of Joinville possesss the biggest number of inhabitants in the state, with approximately 460.000. Characterized as the third industrial polar region of the South of Brazil, in a region that produces 13.6% of the global GIP of the State. It is placed in strategical point of access to the Mercosul.

2618&#039 is situated in the Latitude; S and Longitude 4850' W gr. The altitude of the headquarters is of 4,5 m above sea level. The area of the city is of approximately of 1.081, 70 km (IBGE) and of 1.135, 05 km (IPPUJ). The city possesss a humid subtropical climate. With annual average Temperature: 20,5 C. maximum average Temperatures of summer January: 28,5 C and averages of the winter July: 14 C. Has in the region microclimates associates the intense downtown urbanization, and the proximity with the Mountain range of the Sea.