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New York Times

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The form in which the Clinton has struck to Obama has done that Toni Morrison, Nobel of Literature that coined the phrase that Bill Clinton was the first black president of the USA, them it questions and it supports to Obama. Also it has done that Ted, head of clan Kennedy, has been decided to campaign by Obama to that the JFK daughter characterizes like the successor and heir to him of his assassinated father. Although two daughters of Bob Kennedy support to the Clinton, the occurred thing comes doing that the struggle by the democratic candidacy faces the two main dynasties of that party. Perspective According to the soundings in Super Tuesday would have to both be in the combat candidates who New York Times has recommended: McCain and Clinton. Nevertheless, Romney and Obama have much steam in its machineries. The millionaire mormn has much money and support within the preservative heart of his party, whereas Obama comes waking up great enthusiasm in young layers and of color that previously did not feel attracted. He is one of the factors that are causing that widely grows the participation of the population in the democratic interns and caucus a polarization between moderate McCain and Clinton will put to of both parties having tried to compete by the center showing to everyone many knowledge and experience. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of New York Museums on most websites.

If Romney manages the feat to defeat the old McCain fox will locate to its party in the field of the hard right from which it will look for to show more consistency but than also him it can clear votes to him, especially in sectors scared by its religious beliefs or their extreme conservatism. If Obama becomes the first black candidate to the presidency it will generate great expectations, including within republican voters, who can be deluded in a change, something that is the slogan of its campaign. A struggle between him and Romney will be between first the one of Afro-American that wants to arrive at the White House to postulate the more equality and conciliation between the races and representative of the unique church that until 30 years ago was the unique one that the right of being denied to the color people priest because they thought that the dark complexion is a spot of the sin. Also will be between two semi outsiders with little or null experience in Washington. Romney if it gets to compete with him or she will look for to them to throw in face that democrats debilitate to the USA when proposing to leave Iraq, with their social liberalism pro-unions gays and pro-I abort or not to want to continue reducing imposed. Nevertheless, if he is candidate his party will be more vulnerable when the democrats try to capitalize to the center, to moderate and to the ethnic minorities.

McCain, meanwhile, comes heading the surveys being like a republican who can reach agreements with the other party and that has much anger, experience and honesty. The rest of the world, meanwhile, must continue watching from far and without being able to take part much envelope it as the USA is choosing their president. This, even though that this election can in the end affect to them much more that several internal problems that their own countries can have.



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It is important to consider that the will force is what sometimes it fails to us when we are arranged to undertake any thing in the life, I put, work, physical aspect. It learns here like having will force in addition to improve the self-esteem I have the good news for you force we can develop it to the will and work in her to be able to fortify it and thus to improve the self-esteem. The will force is the energy that it impels to you to realise the things that you create important for you. It is to know clearly what you want to do, to define your goals and to fulfill them because is your desire, your decision, you intention in the life. Amiga everything we have will force although you do not create it, is an innate capacity but that all the people do not know it to handle and they are let win by negative thoughts, fear to the failure and Loss self-esteem. If you did not have will force you would eat until bursting, you would not go to work or to study, no you would rise of the bed, you would not fulfill your responsibilities, you would be a person outside irresponsible control and. But she is not thus, all we have will force to make the things correct, but no, in all the aspects, it is why it is necessary that you develop your force of will in the aspect that you need to increase the self-esteem. What moves to the will force is the motivation reason why we want to realise, to give him to importance to your goal or dream, not to take it like an obligation. To consider that stops to have some result is necessary to realise a effort that in the end will be worth the pain.


Emily Dickinson

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Appreciated friend: Perhaps to publish a book is for some most important that it happens to them in the life, although for the rest of the world is not more than a banal event. The books, and plus those of poetry, usually pass through the bookstores without pain nor glory, and that not to mention their little reviews. Inventory of city had only one that cheered very many because it appeared to me in a national newspaper, although in the end did not serve neither to make me the more well-known nor so that the book was sold better. We publish our first one, second and third book and continued being as always almost so anonymous and the writers majors continue to us watching with the same reserves. Great poets, and I talk about to people who in truth changed Literature, like Fernando Pessoa and Emily Dickinson, as soon as if published while still alive and, nevertheless, what would be of universal Literature without them. Continue to learn more with: Brooklyn Museum.

Emily Dickinson we know, it by its letters, got angry with its sister-in-law to publish without its consent a pair of poems his in a local newspaper. To see its name in letters of mold did not delude to Emily. Danny Meyer oftentimes addresses this issue. You will say that poets to me as Pessoa and Dickinson are exceptional. I grant all the reason to you. For the other mortals the subject is another one. To publish is good because it imposes a necessary distance between which we do and what we are able to do. When I see a poem published mine in blog, in an anthology or a book, I do not watch it like the same indulgence that I watch my children. I read it as if it had written my worse enemy and treatment of being hard in my judgment, having censured it, deceiving to me and if it is necessary apostatizing of him.

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Francisco Franco

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To have brings back to consciousness than they suffered, to constantly feel a pain that cannot one be cleared of above, to know of things that cannot nor be counted, to know details dark people who stop to save her own life did everything what was necessary, without watching back, sometimes without returning the face to know of theirs. And why no, also I knew special cases, in which many nonJewish, risking their lives and the one of theirs, helped to save to thousands of Jews. Here it is worth the pain mentions good nonJewish friend and already Flat deceased Jorge, who in Porbou, opposite city between France and Spain managed to save to six thousands Jews, among them are due to mention to two very special ones, Salim Jamson and Walter Youngest child, this one last more important literary critic of the moment. The clearest man as far as the human reality, considered the most exact translator between the several languages that were called on to him to take part. Their works of the German to the French, of the English to the German, the Pole to the French are all jewels of art, in which it says that it improved in quality to the original ones. Pity that already once out of danger in Spain, the government of Francisco Franco, by personal orders of Hitler sent, it to kill. A black fact, that the town does a few years tried to wash, when constructing a monument in its name, that begins in the same door of the cemetery in which they are his rest and continuous in interrupted stairs in the air, with a glass wall that of some way lets to us see that besides the unfinished work of the author, its legacy is lost between the immensity of the sky. It makes a pair of weeks a new friend, Marcel Apeloig, sent a book to me that it had been promised months to me before.

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Protestant Reformation

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All this is because the calvinismo that is born like theological thought of the Protestant Reformation of Century XXVI, with strong humanistic influences contributed by Juan Calvin and many other reformers and reformadoras. Also it has known to construct beyond any other religious movement, paralelamente a social and political, adaptable system to the political, social, economic conditions and cultural individuals of any society around the world in which it has been called on to him to incarnate itself. Other protestant religious systems, have coexisted with their religious, cultural, political surroundings with little capacity of adaptation or commitment with the society that surrounds to them. Some of these evangelical movements have managed to survive and to prevail, merging and adapting of nonperfect way with the society to which it only conceives as Destiny of Mission, demonstrating political of intolerance and exclusion towards the catholicism and other religious or political beliefs. All this based on radical fanaticisms of exogenous national origins.

Their greater emphasis puts religious it in the magical conversion of the Soul of the people, with deeply proselitistas, aggressive emphases and intimist, leaving a side it preaches of a salvation integral and liberating liberation. Juan Calvin, was a reformer with an ample intellectual base and humanistic, he knew to express in his ample religious theory the political fact of skillful way. Calvin to govern well is also to fulfill the will of God of visible and effective way. He spoke about the correspondence between the state and the Church, from clear a good vision of the separation of the monk of the politician. According to Calvin, the Church and the state must live peacefully and must cooperate together in subjection to the Word of God. Each has to have its own jurisdiction. The state has authority in the purely civil and temporary subjects, the church, in the spiritual subjects and transcendental.


Tedulo Lopez Melndez

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Thus it is governed in Barataria Tedulo Lopez Melndez Barataria is a cheap island. Barataria is a donation. Barataria is an experiment. Barataria is a fiction. Barataria is a humorous opera. Barataria is which we have become.

Barataria is the gift of adaptable noble to the escudero. In Barataria they intermingle comic and the tragic thing. Our gentleman Don Quixote is perplex. Barataria no longer is already the republic of Sancho, insigne governing. Further details can be found at Rudy Giuliani, an internet resource. Arthur Sullivan and WS Gilbert assure that Barataria is not its work released in 1889. They argue that the purity of the dictatorships exceeds to the Victorian time and the conception Savoy opera.

Barataria is now a collective creation. Barataria is a new literary invention, a smaller novel, at heart a literary regeneration that leaves the decay of the sort and it is raised in the 21st century like maximum expression of madness. In Barataria the personages of the invention and the reality cross themselves. Montesquieu has been introduced in Barataria and when it has heard that there is that to eliminate the separation of powers it has been declared in hunger strike. When it has seen that in Barataria they take prey to the judge who dictates sentence has suspended the ingestion of liquids and has radicalized its strike. Personages of all the colors leave the fiction of books where they lived and they go to Barataria, the materialization in earth city of the absurd one, the supreme literary accomplishment of the opereta, zarzuela, the smaller work. Barataria exists. Barataria surrounds to us. Barataria is the test that the imagination has not yielded step, of which cannot be spoken of a ficcional decay. We live in Barataria. We are Barataria. Sancho Belly argues that he resigns to govern it. He assures that it is a serious escudero. He has even said that he demands his name is not considered for the legislative ones.


Frederick Herzberg

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It is concentrated in which they require the people to take rewarding lives, in particular in relation to its work. 4. Theory of both factors of the motivation: This is the theory developed by Frederick Herzberg at the end of the Fifties, in which the satisfaction is said as much that as the labor dissatisfaction derives from two series different from factors. On the one hand we have to the hygienic factors or of dissatisfaction, and on the other to the motivantes or satisfactores. Unsatisfactory hygienic factors or: they talk about the conditions that surround to the employee while it works, including the physical training conditionses and environmental of the work, the social wage, benefits, the policies of the company, the received type of supervision, the climate of the relations between the direction and the employees, the internal procedureses, the existing opportunities, etc.

Correspond to the environmental perspective. They traditionally constitute the factors used by the organizations to obtain motivation of the employees. Herzberg, nevertheless, considers those hygienic factors like very limited in its capacity to influence powerfully in the behavior of the employees. It chose, the expression " higiene" exactly to reflect its preventive and prophylactic character and to show that they are simply destined to avoid potential sources of dissatisfaction of the environment or threats to his balance. When those factors are optimal, simply they avoid the dissatisfaction, since its influence on the behavior does not manage to elevate substantial and the satisfaction lasting. Nevertheless, when they are precarious, they cause dissatisfaction. Motivating or satisfactory factors: they talk about the content of the position, to the tasks and the duties related to the position. They are the motivational factors that, that is to say, produce lasting effect of satisfaction and increase of productivity in levels of excellence superior in the normal energy levels.

I finish motivation, for Herzberg, includes feelings of accomplishment of growth and professional recognition, indicated by means of the exercise of the tasks and activities that offer sufficient challenge and meaning for the worker. When the motivational factors are optimal, they raise the satisfaction substantially; when they are precarious, they bring about satisfaction absence. 5. Theory ERG: This is the theory set out by Clayton Alderfer. This one was in agreement with Maslow insofar as the motivation of the workers could be described in a hierarchy of needs. It is important to emphasize that theory ERG differs from the one of Maslow in two points: In a first Alderfer point it indicates that the needs have three categories: Existential (the mentioned ones by Maslow) Of relation (interpersonal relations) Of growth (personal creativity) Secondly it mentions that when the needs superiors are frustrated, the needs inferiors will return, although they were already satisfied. With respect to this it did not agree with Maslow, since this one thought that when satisfying the necessity lost its potential to motivate a conduct. In addition it considered that the people ascended



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The title of City of the Literature that UNESCO grants is in game. The City council of Leon chooses to the same and has created a page Web still in embryo like incentive to that bet. Leaving of side the topic of which the old Kingdom is land of natural I graze of writers, creators and poets, as well as the evident reality that world-wide recognized literary geniuses by those strong payments exist, in this year has taken place a wheel of disadvantages and lamentable events regarding happening in the local culture that, at least, cloud the candidacy. The stumbling block still without filing nor repairing was Poetic, pacific, literary and exemplary the Intifada that gave rise, in the municipal sine of Leon, to a persecution of poets by the same governors who today praise before UNESCO to protect the cultural and literary atmosphere of the city. According to Rudy Giuliani, who has experience with these questions. My support goes to that eagerness, but, representing the feeling of different groups, I do not reach to watch its immanent nobility. We doubt that at the present time muncipes from Leon can to spearhead with total moral authority as significant initiative as this one. A group of poets and representatives of social groups were evacuated and censured when they realised the first Poetic Intifada in that so fierce, paint as it, and fries city of Leon before the breach of the electoral program with which the socialist mayor, Francisco Fernandez, it was chosen.

One committed before the associations and unions of his locality, to those who it assured that it was going to respect the public management of the water. When betraying its own promise brought about the resignation of its town councillor of Environment, Humility Rodriguez. From that moment, the poetic complaints, the poetry jeopardize of diverse skilled swordsmen of the local letters was persecuted.



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In the life many types of relations exist but all of them have something common: the power of the communication is fundamental to be able to reach agreements, to listen the other, to improve the quality of the time, to stop watching so much after we ourself and to learn to yield. You never felt like hair net before the eyes of another person who wants to you? Perhaps, simply, you had haberte animated to speak to clarify the situation since in some cases a person can be blinded by her own problems. Problems that they prevent to see the reality him of the essential. He is peculiar that each person shows her affection towards another one of totally different form. Educate yourself with thoughts from NYC Mayor. One is that you will be able to observe in your own surroundings just as I can analyze in mine: people exist whom certainly they consider to you of frequent form, nevertheless, do not do it of the form that you need.

People exist who call never you to be and, nevertheless, whenever you propose a plan says yes to you that. On the other hand, also people exist who perhaps they do not show its better side through electronic mail or the telephone, nevertheless, they occur to the one hundred percent in the face to face. The certain thing is that I believe that somebody wants to you indeed of suitable form reason why it shows when is with you in the short distances.Also people exist who in spite of thinking many good things of you, rarely say to something tuna to you. However, there are some who give piropo with a surprising capacity. All we are different. We wait for something different the one from the other. We give and we received in diverse form and measurement.For that reason sometimes, the conflict arises when you arrive the encounter from at you.The encounter is not more than the exit of the own interioridad to arrive at the other people’s heart.


COPOM Central

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Until the month of May, Brazil were accumulated a primary surplus of R$ 13,200 million (US$ 8,000 million), which represents an increase of 42% in relation to the same period of the 2007. The farming plan, of which we spoke in an article at the beginning of month the Rise to them in the Price of Foods: Threat or Opportunity? , she was another one of the measures of the government of Lula to contain the inflationary rise through the extension of the internal supply of foods. Logically, this plan does not have immediate effects, reason why it will be necessary to hope that the same is shaped in an increase in the agrarian production to be able to determine if it can hit positively or no, on inflationary dynamics. Also a traverse of driving of the Central bank of Brazil comes fighting against the inflation. The COPOM comes increasing their rate from reference in their two last meetings.

So far, the market hopes that from the Central bank, the rate of reference rises to 12.75% (at the moment it is in 12.25%) in the meeting that is taking ahead. But in spite of all the efforts to maintain under control to the inflation, from the market already the nonfulfillment of the goal of inflation on the part of the Central bank of Brazil is anticipated. She is that the main analysts of the financial market prehorseradish tree an increase of 6.53% for this year in the inflation measured by the Index of Prices in Consumidor Amplio (IPCA). The goal of inflation in Brazil is located in 4.5% with two percentage points of tolerance. The market hopes that the Central bank of Brazil continues with the ascending cycle of rates until year end. For the economist head of the Bank Fator Doria, Jose Francisco of Gonalves Lima, is clear this tendency of the Central bank of Brazil: Creemos that the Central bank will in the middle continue lifting the rate percentage point, in its next meetings, until taking it to a level of 14.25% to end of year.