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Social History

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At as the moment the feminine participation and discovery through indications found in searched documents, where they show the women in the battlefield, where will be imprisoned thirty women between I exercise of the cabanos, and in one another document she appears a woman wounded in combat. At the third moment the women appear in the judiciary joint, asking for pensions, not the conscription of the children supports of family in the legalist armies and etc. In the room moment as sheltering the cabanos in its houses and keeping to weapons and other used utensils in the combat. At the fifth moment as articuladora of escape of one you lead of them of the movement, since this age widower of a legalist military man, and would pay a good richness in money, gold and silver to who facilitated the escape to it. The author works in the dimension works in the dimension of Social History, with dimension in the History of the women, making its analyzes the theoretical light of Michelle Perrot, Edward Thompson and Georges Rude, approaching its sources through the indicirio paradigm. In ' ' I was born in the bushes, never I had senhor' ' Eurpedes Nunes19 sample that although small the amount of blacks in the Amazon region, its hand of workmanship had importance in the Imperial Amaznia sufficiently. Analyzing the mocambos mocambos of Low Amazon, through written sources and you pray, the author aims at to reconstruct as they had been to the forms of resistance found by the blacks to reach the freedom where the communities quilombolas and the mocambos were these places. These commercial business-oriented mocambos are visualized as a net in the Amazon region, arriving the mocambeiros to keep contacts with the aboriginals and blacks of the Suriname and Guianas. When visualizing the system of social organization was quilombolas moved by the faith catholic, in a social system that its main leadership had in the authority of the heads, and in the family its structure.