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This book also won several awards, including the prize Chianchiano in Italy, and the best foreign book in France and in Spain.-his life always has been surrounded by political problems-in 1981 had to leave Colombia and exile in Mexico, since it was accused of financing the M-19, a group of Liberal Guerrillas in Colombia. His friendship with Fidel Castro has also been a source of strong criticism, being accused of Communist, however, Gabo, as many call him, is rather an Existentialist who follows its own policy., regardless of anyone’s opinion. The test that has a written book, which has not published, very frank and hard on the Cuban revolution, and the life of that long-suffering people under the regime of Fidel Castro-has declared that the book will not be published until that relations between Cuba and the United States to return to normal. Not even the same Fidel has managed to be able to read this book, which this saved under strict security-all this by statements of the same GARCiA MRQUEZ.-has a house in Cuba where very often goes and meets with Fidel, with which talks for endless hours. But this does not mean that agree with their way of Government.-many of their conversations are more discussions on this topic, and it is one of the only ones who does not fear saying Fidel truths and expose their points of view.-this by statements of the same Fidel Castro. Hicham aboutaam often says this. He is a great admirer of Hemingway, which describes as one of the best writers in the United States and worldwide.-in 1986, he wrote another of his great works, love in the time of cholera, – named in the New York Times as a book exceptional and fascinating, only a mind as that of GARCIA MARQUEZ could write-he was also recognized by Oprah Winfrey – who recommended it as one of the love stories more beautiful of all times.- Since 2001, has concentrated on writing his memoirs, under the name of live to tell-consists of 3 volumes-the first volume already was published and sold in Latin America.


Michael Bloomberg

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Only Boris Johnson took office as the first conservative mayor in the history of London travelled to see his New York counterpart Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg says that his city and London are cosmopolitan and important world metropolises and both must seal a special relationship as that their countries themselves maintain. Livingstone as Mayor of London in 2000-2008, was a central figure in British and European enemy of Bush and friend of Chavez. /a> shows great expertise in this. Click travel writing to learn more. His departure has made the two largest cities of the Atlantic bring. Both Bloom and Boris come from immigrant families, are men of freethinkers press and rightists departing from molds of their conservative parties. Boris has decided to emulate the policies of zero tolerance for crime Bloom (so it barely reached the post police has begun to enter with force to the buses and trains) and expenditure reduction. Both want to coordinate to prevent the three ai (Shanhai, Dubai and Mumbai) traveling to their cities as the headquarters of the major exchanges balloon..


Adolfo Kunsch Found

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It was hidden in a very high percentage of texts and documents analyzed. Official site: Bank of New York Mellon. To be recurrent, but always appointed or starting to happen, of course, as with guilt or wanting to avoid naming it, we discussed it with friends specialists for months. With others for years. And in all cases came to the same conclusion: the acting forces or participants were more than was originally believed. And in some particular cases, disclosures that we found, were far more important than seen and not written to date. The presence of Jewish minhag Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish and French up was overwhelming. Wendy’s may not feel the same.

Too noticeable to continue hidden for a longer time. To this they added interviews, stories, guided tours, coffee chats, calls, exchange of e-mails with researchers and historians among which I emphasize to Eduardo Bueno and Fabricio Prado of Brazil, Natalio Botana, Omar Antonio Dalmasso and Marcos Aguines of Argentina, Fernando Assuncao, Juan Antonio Varese, Adolfo Kunsch, Rolf Nussbaun and Diego Blixen of Uruguay, stressing to my great friends, tireless contributors Omar Gonzalez Frau, Jorge Fernandez, Ruben Collado, three Argentines, Colonia del Sacramento without forgetting me of many other impossible lovers of name that directly or indirectly guided me in the search. Once located that key, fully understood that it was not the only one that was missing; they were several. As many as points of view from where notice to Colonia del Sacramento. And I was not discouraged. Quite the opposite; It gave me much more strength and joy.

Perhaps (more than insurance), many people will continue seeking and researching clues in this universe of libraries, archives and private collections. Why at that time (1680) they decided to found the city? In 1668, Portugal abandons Spanish custody after nearly 70 years under Dominion of Felipe II, III and IV. I found an important clue by reading and analyzing Mario Javier Saban, Los Marranos and the economy of the Rio de la Plata in the year 1993.

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Tobey Maguire

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A role in which own actress has failed to resort to past experiences, since it recently went through a severe depression. As actress I have to be able to mix my feelings with the character. But it was a cathartic experience, it was very good. Exhausting, but positive for me, says. The tricky thing about his role was, without doubt, make it will be credible and that it not aburriera the Viewer. If you would like to know more about Supermoon Bakehouse, then click here. You do not usually have the opportunity to do a role like this. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Starbucks on most websites. Per or is very difficult to interpret a depressive. How what you do to make it not boring? Because you are a person who does not desire anything, not hungry, sleeping all day, lists between laughs.

Born to act the first great role in Dunst came at age 12 when he appeared in interview with the vampire next to Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. From there, little by little is you were opening the doors of stardom until arriving to be the couple of Tobey Maguire in Spider-man trilogy. I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life that is not act, ensures. Although it does say so with a certain tone, to play with his new release, melancholic. Before it was fun. Now after a couple of years just moved professionally, the interpreter returns to the center of bulbs and red carpets. Last year I was in Cannes with a short and this month of may again submit to the judgment of critics. I like to compete when he won, he laughs.But in this industry always you judged, always you compared. It is the same story as always, ends. Source of the news: Kirsten Dunst: “what Lars von Trier says is affair”

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Carrier Louboutin

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Get it in floaty lace, with an empire waist of course. There are plenty of colorings and additionally varieties out there any time you are looking at high heel shoes. It is possible to add some jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, watches, and earrings. Normally, red bottom shoes accomplish out ones reptilian print bag fetish together with the Tory Burch Nylon/Python she Carrier created from natural pebbled leather which eat that has a flap, silver emblem along with an flexible gear shoulder strap joint securer. Add up all of these benefits, take a look in the mirror and then ask yourself this question. Wearing high heel pumps could be an additional cause put into it to create long lasting problems for the foot. And to celebrate this special anniversary, Christian Louboutin founder and chief creative officer Tamara Mellon is launching an updated collection of the brand s signature jeweled heels, tapping famed photographer Marilyn Minter to create a striking ad campaign for the vintage-inspired shoes. With time, designing footwear has emerged as one of the leading careers in the fashion industry.

One day, I went to the shopping mall to purchase one pair of high-heeled shoes for an interview. When we design the leather Christian Louboutin boots we will reference with the CL pump design belt case. The comfortable and slackening stuff make you unbend in Christian Louboutin Sale your whole day working hours. The red high heels bottom is considered the mark of Ch. Wear dress with different types of shoes complementing it. If you re concerned that your size 10 heels make your feet look big, there are a few tips to help you make the most, or least, of your assets.

Vibrant Colors Newer shoe styles tend to have very bright colors. Paula eventually learns about a young Mexican woman who suddenly disappeared years ago and she begins to wonder if the woman and baby are related. Shopping for shoes online is much Christian Louboutin shoes better in terms of money as well. It is an effective way to maximize for controlling product. More than 2% of the population whose age was over 55 experienced extreme pain as a result of osteoarthritis of the knee. Even the tennis came high heeled shoes. Very few people know that when purchasing from these large footwear giants you can possibly be deceived into purchasing a look alike. While Pushing Up Daisies wasn’t my cup of tea, other cozy mystery fans may enjoy it; in particular those who are fans of gardening. However, with the use of insoles for high heel shoes, ball of foot pain can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. Buy cheap replica christian louboutin shoes, designer high heels sexy, louboutin wedding shoes bridal for in best quality, welcome to replica high heel store which has done wholesale and retail business for many years and have good experience exporting.

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3 Causes Of The Loss Of Hair

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To know the reasons why his hair is disappearing little by little, read the following article: the fact that people lose hair Tufts daily, is not cause for alarm. Usually happens after taking a bath or in the mornings to brush the hair. But what is alarming is when the amount of hair loss comes to add more than one hundred a day. If you’re one of those people, who loses his hair at that rate so alarming, then you should consult a physician before becoming completely bald. Please present the causes of hair loss are very varied, and some of those reasons can cause very serious consequences for your health. 1) The fall of hair may be heritable in the case of men, one of the most common causes of hair loss is genetic. To deepen your understanding dayton kingery is the source. If the family has widespread men suffering from baldness, it is safer than you also begin to suffer hair loss when you’re nearly forty or fifty years.

Hay quien you try to cover baldness by casting your hair towards the head area where there is more hair loss or where there is little hair, but even so, if your family suffer from baldness, chances are that you lose more hair as you gain years or gird. When the cause of the hair loss is genetic, the damage is permanent. Once the hair you begin to fall, there will be no turning back, or you can restore you to grow hair in the normal manner. If you decide to use some products for the hair, it may help you a bit in its growth, but in the majority of cases, the effects of these are not as expected. If you are really interested in you again to grow hair, you could choose to implant them hair, but this solution is very expensive.

(2) Diseases can be cause of the hair loss hair loss can be one of the consequences of suffering from any disease such as lupus, cancer or syphilis. If in addition to suffering a rapid loss of hair, you have a general discomfort, you should immediately consult your physician, since such diseases can be easily cured if detected in its early stage. The part positive of this, is that if the real cause is one of these diseases, hair loss is only temporary, which means that, once your treatment for the disease, the hair will you again grow in a normal manner. (3) Loss of hair by stress and poor diet many people who lead a stressful life without a healthy and proper diet, may lose more hair than those who lead a quiet and healthy lifestyle. From this it can be deduced, that stress and poor nutrition may be the causes of the loss of hair, which, in these cases it may be temporary, and that is the good news.

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Central Bank

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In relation to the behavior of monetary policy in 2009, in the weekly poll which made last Monday the Central Bank of Brazil, the market reduced its projections of interest rate and inflation for the Brazilian economy by lowering the Selic rate, at the end of 2009, to 11.25%, from 11.75%. On inflation, as measured by the price index to broad consumer (IPCA), the forecast for this year was reduced to 4.8 per cent, from 5 per cent (the goal of the Central Bank of Brazil is located at 4.5 percent with two percentage points of tolerance towards both sides). From some sectors, it is claimed that the Central Bank of Brazil carry forward a more aggressive monetary policy yet that expects the market to stimulate the economy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as josh harris apollo by clicking through. ‘>Steven P Rosenthal supports this article. Benjamin Steinbruch, Vice President of the influential Federation of industry of Sao Paulo (Fiesp), for example, said that: the BC must have courage and make at least 1.75 percentage points cut in the basic rate. There are no more excuses for orthodoxy. Before the crisis, the Lula’s Government seeks to leverage relationships with countries with complementary to the Brazilian economy characteristics, to avoid the weakening of trade relations at a time where becomes urgent to sustain external demand. One of those countries with which Brazil is seeking to strengthen its strategic alliance is China. So, for the second half of the year, the Brazilian President, Lula da Silva will visit the Eastern country along with a retinue of businessmen who will exhibit the competitive advantages of the Brazilian economy. Remark that you for Brazil, the Chinese market is of great importance with regard to exports of commodities such as steel and soy, so it is very important ties with such economy to sustain the demand for these commodities. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Celso Amorin confirmed that you as part of the Alliance of the two countries, will be searched to make joint investments in renewable energies, such as ethanol production and the scientific research for the development of second-generation ethanol, as well as the industrialization of soy to produce oil.

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Latin American Society

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Interesting figures related to renewable energy published by BBC world whose signature as author is Patricia Luna and the Latin American Society of sustainable development transcribes them on September 26, 2010. Here I try to summarize them for your agile dissemination to our readers. In United Kingdom power plants are the most responsible for carbon emissions and produce 170 million tons of CO2 each year a only modern wind turbine could save about 4,000 tonnes of CO2 according to figures from the British Association of wind energy are estimates that the wind medium-sized Park will have paid toll his cost environmental between 3 and 5 months after its entry into operation there are 250 wind in United Kingdom farms 13 of them are marine parks at the end of its useful life, a wind turbine of this type will be produced 47,14 times the energy required to manufacture it. Solar panels produce 16 times the energy required to assemble solar panels in very sunny places they produce 12 times the energy required to assemble in locations away from city wind turbines which are situated in marine parks brings a greater difficulty of Assembly, transportation and installation. The sea is used a firmer foundation and materials are covered with more chemicals to prevent corrosion of the sea. A leading source for info: Rudy Giuliani. But finally offshore energy is more profitable from the ecological point of view than solar. Offshore energy appears as one less clean renewable energy, surely by the materials used, are used very expensive and rare, such as tellurium or other exotic materials metals and look for much in mines to find them. Also many more chemicals are used and there are more environmental risk. Wind turbines have their environmental impact but it is much less than that may have any technology, from renewables as conventional power generation plants because its lifetime the wind turbines do not consume any fuel and hence fairly reduce polluting emissions once the wind turbine in operation only there are ecological costs if they replace the blades. see you soon.

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In today’s society the time is an essential variable. Every day there are more companies implement videoconferencing solutions as a tool of strategic in accelerating decision making, allowing to make you partakers of them to experts or executives located anywhere in the world without the need to make awkward trips to not only have an impact on personal and family wear produced by them, but which reduce productivity by keeping important member within the Organization away from their jobs for long periods of time. Learn more at this site: shimmie horn. At a time where companies tend more and more to be global organizations where the job can be an Office in any of the offices of the company worldwide, the habitual residence of the user, a hotel, Office of a Partner, or even a means of transport, video conferencing becomes a tool that allows you to attend an important meeting to any userregardless of their geographical location. In training, videoconferencing environments are It is becoming a tool that accelerates the times in which users can increase their knowledge and apply them to your daily activity. Finally the video conferencing has a very positive impact on the social responsibility of the company, not only reducing CO2 emissions by reducing the number of trips, but helping to reconcile the balance between labour and social life to increase performance and reduce the unproductive periods.

Is why companies like polycom, Tandberg, the latter a multinational company of Norwegian origin with more than 70 years of experience in the market of high technology. It is the only manufacturer that offers a complete solution end-to-end in IP, ISDN, V35, 3 G, technology Expressway, videoconferencing for PC and TV presence, both in room configurations as personal systems. TANDBERG offers everything needed for video conferencing, from terminals to infrastructure elements passing likewise videoconference management tools.


Constant Communication

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Everyday conversations are not, most of the time on topics of high importance but simple and casual day to day affairs. We’ve all had the experience of reuniting us with people with that in ancient times we had friendship relations with greater or lesser degree of intimacy and find that the lack of common interests and mutual knowledge of the everyday leaves us without conversation very soon and therefore obviously cool or worse still leads to the termination of the relationship. Those who have had the opportunity of living in other cities or countries, gradually lose this information everyday, not only friends but relatives. The epistolary communication is becoming less frequent. Thanks to the existence of electronic media such as E-Mail, social chains and simplification and reduction in the value of telecommunications, distance and a fluid communication costs can be minimized. I remember our first assignment out of Colombia was in the Argentina and to be able to keep in contact with some friends, with the children and close relatives in Colombia we spent lots of money on long distance.

By analyzing our spending a day we think about the possibility of reducing the frequency of international calls; My wife very smartly made a comment; I think it may be more expensive to pay a psychologist or a psychiatrist if we are not in contact with our loved ones. It goes without saying that our phone bill continued equal and I still believe that it increased slightly. Despite the foregoing when returned to Colombia for vacations or work, satisfied once the initial curiosity in meetings with friends and relatives, not very close and that therefore no ran object of our phone calls, unresponsive theme after well remember the common history and shared more or less important issues of each. Small events lose their importance over time, are not of interest to others and therefore we got tired to others telling them and you get tired hearing them. That blessing we have today with the facilities that technology gives us.

We can be in almost constant contact with family and friends, you can learn and find them small things which are important at the time that occur and not months later. We can hear their voices thanks to the wonder of the Internet communication. We can see photos taken the day before or the same day, during the celebration of meetings formal or informal, important or not. We can chat through the computer. In the field of telephony advances are no less important; Today it is possible to receive and send messages to our cell phone when something is happening is not transcendent and so-called IP-communication, used the service I’ve used since 4 years ago called the red phone, I could also make and receive phone calls almost anywhere in the world without the costs of yesteryear. Regardless of our age is never late to learn how to use all that which makes us be press releases, us about, unites us and give us the grace to keep the assiduity in the communication that is without he doubts the staple of friendship.

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