New York Sun

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For millions of people affected by the global economic crisis, there is a place that symbolically represents the why of all their problems: Wall Street. For Americans it also has special meaning because it is in its territory and is the main artery of the financial heart of New York, which beat some of the banks and most powerful financial institutions in the world, whose coffers were to stop millions of dollars of public funds to save the country from economic collapse between 2008 and 2009. Three years after a bailout that has not improved one iota the American economy in the same week that the census has yielded the spooky fact that 15% of Americans (nearly 50 million people) lives below the poverty index, Wall Street aspired to become the door of the New York Sun today. Source of the news:: 15-M comes to Wall Street with a protest against the markets.

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Jon Olsson

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Another feature of YOUTEK is the new HEAD grommets with Teflon verringerndem friction polymer. Thus the lowest possible string friction is guaranteed, and thanks to uniform stress distribution over the entire string bed, the sweet spot is larger. You new HEAD YOUTEK radical are the perfect choice for the all-rounder on the courts racket. For hard baseline shots as well as for soulful volleys. Technology and design are totally new and provide something that was thought hardly possible: the radicals have become even better. Filed under: Rudy Giuliani. By the HEAD YouTekTM design with Intelligent material d3oTM can adjust the Racquet every beat. This opens the radical series each tennis player opportunities and creates the conditions to take on any opponent. goals.

The YOUTEK radical series includes following rackets: radical MP the favorite clubs of Andy Murray. He offers the perfect combination of power and control, each tour player searches.Radical Pro with 315 grams the slightly heavier version for extra power. The open cover (16/19) provides more pop and spin, the Pro leather handle strap guarantees ultimate tour performance. Radical Lite a lighter and at the same time powerful version of the Murray’s radical MP. Its excellent handling refers to the different types of players. The open cover (16/19) provides for more spin. over HEAD: Head NV is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of leading brand sports equipment.

Ordinary shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange (HEAD”) Head NV. The company has four divisions: winter sports, racquet sports, diving and licensing. Sell the products under the brands of head (tennis, squash, paddle and racket ball rackets, tennis balls, tennis shoes, badminton equipment, Alpine skis, bindings and ski boots, protectors, snowboards, snowboard bindings and boots), Penn (tennis and racket ball balls), Tyrolia (ski bindings), and mares/Dacor (diving equipment). The company is in all Product markets leader.

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Islands Sporades

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Surely more than once you’ve heard of Mykonos island in Greece. This island is one of many which form the archipelago of Islands Sporades, famous for its incredible sunsets, villages full of white houses and pristine beaches. But so it is more known to the island of Mykonos, is in fact by his party, is known as the small Ibiza. Neither short nor lazy, this year I decided to spend a holiday there to discover that what they offered me the island and, the truth is, is that I returned delighted since I discovered some magnificent beaches, a city (the capital) wonderful and an island which as a whole is worth visiting any time in life. What left me impressed was the capital of the island, Chora. It is a town formed by a bunch of white houses and a set of labyrinthine streets. In fact, if you take a map, almost certainly you’re going to lose. But it is it is it is worth losing between its streets, and discover this way places that otherwise are not detailed in any guide. Checking article sources yields NYC Mayor as a relevant resource throughout.

In addition, walking among the streets, I ended up giving with the mascot of the island. It is that they are a Pelican pet that has become famous super (Petros). The legend says that more than 40 years ago, a fisherman of Mykonos stumbled upon a wounded Pelican. I was so moved by the Pelican, which decided to take care of him. After recovering the creature, he decided to put it in freedom. But, surprisingly, the Pelican not chose as his abode air, but decided to settle in Mykonos. Every day that has passed since then, the creature is given gradually developed in the center of all eyes and a celebrity. Although undoubtedly, what left me dumbfounded is the area known as little Venice. The neighborhood of little Venice is filled with old houses elegant and beautiful which are precariously placed at the edge of the sea.

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A Typical Sports Injury: The Sprain

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Sports injuries – so health is today! Injuries occur relatively frequently in the sport. Especially a sprain of a joint can happen quickly. This is done by the hinges or the capsule of the joint by a parent movement, usually bend or twist, are damaged. NYC Mayor often says this. With an ankle sprain, the umgebenden joint ligaments, tendons or muscles be dragged or overstretched. This is indeed painful, especially when movement and usually it comes to a bruise and swelling of the joint, but the joint remains stable and resilient. Most commonly, the ankle by an ankle sprain is affected, the sprain can affect also other joints such as the knee or the wrists. To determine whether the infringement is only slightly, or whether any tapes or bone are damaged, the doctor can perform an X-ray or a CT.

Depending on the severity of the injury a sprain usually within 12 weeks from heal again, without leaving any permanent impairment. For the healing to promoting the affected joint quietly set and be cooled as quickly as possible to prevent that a severe swelling caused by a hematoma. NY Museums has much experience in this field. Also, the pain be relieved by the cold, because the damaged tissue is less heavily irrigated. After the cooling, the joint should be stabilized by a compression bandage. Also a swelling can be avoided also in this way by uniformly give print out on the joint will be. To prevent a hematoma, should the affected limb high are stored, so less blood to the injury flows.

To is easier to remember this first aid if you apply these as so-called bad luck rule. P ause, is C ompression, H ochlagern. Cooling gel and decongestant and analgesic ointments can be used to support the cure. Depending on of the healing process you can start slowly after two to four weeks with stress of the injured joint. In support of the joint can a bandage during training or a The joint support Association. Prevent can be an ankle sprain with a suitable warm-up to loosen the muscles and ligaments before the sport, appropriate spot shoes providing firm support and the correct assessment of the own capacity.

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