Board Member Andreas Oberascher

Posted by adminNY on December 18, 2020

Metallux AG – jobs in Leutenbach Metallux AG built a State of the art facility with job creation for first 90 employees with room for extensions. On 17 December the excavator bite took place”in the industrial area of mowing fields, Robert-Bosch-str. 29, Nellmersbach 71397 people b. Strengthened from the crisis, one can call the more rapid development of Metallux AG in the year 2010. The manufacturer of sensors again recorded tremendous growth after job losses in 2009. Space is now urgently needed for an extension and expansion of the production areas.

Time on the land purchased already before the crisis year in the industrial area of mowing fields”now to build. Expected to be in late summer, the manufacturer of electronic components will refer the new State of the art building. In 2005, the in basket-based company expanded the production area through the addition of the neighbouring building. At that time it was still assumed, these expansion measures would at least for the next decade are sufficient. Quickly noted that the extension of a total of 1,800 square meters sooner or later does not meet the innovative manufacturer of sensors. Metallux management decided to consider themselves better therefore to a new building to the specific production requirements. In 2011, mowing fields in Leutenbach Nellmersbach arises in the industrial area”a State of the art facility on an area of approximately 12, 000 sq.m. If in the near future the new spaces for the expansive company is not enough, the plot of space provides for more extensions.

Metallux AG becomes long term in Leutenbach, that has a good infrastructure and excellent transport links, native. People Bach’s Mayor Jurgen Kiesl is pleased with the settlement of a premium company in a prime location directly on the S-Bahn and B-14. With 90 employees is”Metallux of’s second-largest employer in the community. With this new building, we have the possibility of long term innovative and competitive to stay”as Board Member Andreas Oberascher. We will secure jobs in Germany over the long term through innovation and progress. Still we want to expand here our employees resulting in the production at the site”. The construction of a new forward-looking operating facility is a building block in the planning of Metallux AG, which maintains cooperation also in the United States and China as a globally oriented company. Metallux: Metallux AG is a powerful manufacturer of sensors in thick-film technologies. The German high-tech company has a wide range of performance and offers in addition to the standard range of pressure -, road – and angle – film sensors, to the packaging of potentiometers and joysticks also customer-specific complete solutions high-voltage and power resistors. A designated customer orientation ensures satisfied customers with appropriate ideas and solutions. Innovative products, a variety of granted patents and 24 years, numerous renowned customers from the areas of the automotive industry, electrostatics, medical and industrial electronics and sensors build experience – on the company based in the vicinity of Stuttgart.


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