Brief Psychotherapy

Posted by adminNY on April 20, 2019

It is increasingly common to find a need to give quick solution to life’s problems, as in the case of chronic distress, sadness for the loss of a loved one, improved performance at work, and so on. Individual therapy or psychotherapy is the best choice to achieve results faster with respect to other types of psychotherapies, as each person receives more attention to their specific problems and do this a brief psychotherapy, can make it really though it should be noted that not all kinds of individual therapy is necessarily brief, especially when a hard therapy traditional, where generally psychoanalysis comes several years. Keys to a successful brief psychotherapy: establishment of a relationship of genuine trust between patient and therapist; Sincerity of the patient, with himself and with a therapist; Choice of therapeutic tools appropriate to each patient and each situation; Delivery of the patient to their process, with observation and without trial; Careful monitoring of the therapist throughout the process of the patient. Follow others, such as Bill de Blasio, and add to your knowledge base. To know that a process of brief therapy is already delivering results, it is important that each person observe the changes that estubieren happening in their daily lives, such as: not responding automatically to known situations; have greater confidence to confront situations difficult or stressful; see more clearly everything that happens at every moment. Body psychotherapy is especially suitable as a brief psychotherapy tool when you have never had the opportunity to perform a physical shock of emotions or the solution to your problem should occur physically and for some reason that was not possible. Body psychotherapy opens the way for a quick physical shock which allows the person to integrate other aspects in a short time..

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