Czech Republic

Posted by adminNY on June 25, 2019

It would seem strange. If we buy a restaurant, why do we still have to pay anything. However, when we look at this issue draw attention to what the object of commercial real estate more distant from business (ie activities, it creative). As well as business and property is not the same. Look how many around the Czech Republic a lot of idle empty buildings. Assess the situation on the example of the restaurant. Buying a restaurant We have chosen a wonderful restaurant.

Excellent location, nice interior, excellent equipment in the kitchen. And here it turns out that the owner of the restaurant has only this same equipment, interior personnel. But the premise is owned udrugogo rights. And here is the room is not for sale. Good or bad judge you, but it is worth considering a few things: the restaurant owner wants to sell it.

More all he has invested considerable money on the premises which he owns. Typically, in such situations rectorator has a long lease (at least 10 – 15 years). Under the agreement, such lease, has rectorator the right to transfer lease to a third party who takes a room at the same rental terms, and continue the great cause of public power. You also get the restaurant ready for opening on the day of the transaction. And you do not have to spend several months for repairs and equipment. Resignation – this is exactly the amount to which the restaurateur appreciates his restaurant: the equipment, trademark and reputation.


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