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Posted by adminNY on March 25, 2019

Siena – one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the city in 700 years is a kind of hibernation, and almost entirely preserved its medieval appearance. Some of the classics of literature subtly noticed about Siena – 'to go to Italy and drive past Siena, mean to become like newlyweds, who thinks a wedding feast culminating moment and too lazy to go into the bedroom to the beloved. " Siena Italy but gave no just amazing architectural landscapes. It was Siena dialect was chosen as Dante's language, which was written by his Divine Comedy, and therefore can be called Siena 'homeland' of Italian. standing. And Siena is famous for its 'Palio'.

Palio – it's crazy racing young horses, which are conducted without a saddle, without rules and without stopping. Win a Palio and you will be famous for a whole year. For you will pay attention girls, bar owners will regale you with wine, and even old people will treat you with great respect. Those crazy racing first took place in 1260 when a small and proud of Siena during the Battle of Montaperi managed to defeat more Florence. Since then, they are held twice a year every year on July 2 and August 16.

Even in Florence, when finally able to subdue Siena (this happened after the plague in 1348 which destroyed most of the city's population) do not dare to cancel the Palio. A surge is preceded by the traditional parade of Siena Contrada – an old combination of acrobatics, ballet and colorful show. A Sienese school of painting. It is difficult to say which of the great cities of Florence Siena or long before the Renaissance brought to more icons of Italy. And by the way, it's hard to tell who was a great competitor to the two cities in Italy than not they are for each other. By the way, the competition is felt today. Football fans Siena still resemble in their songs about the battle of his colleagues Montaperi of Florence.

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