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Posted by adminNY on May 21, 2018

Green energy – what is it? How is it generated? The term eco-electricity has become a fashionable term always more common in recent years and is often used as a synonym for climate and environmental protection. While many consumers are familiar with the term, they do not are often aware what exactly eco-electricity. What is eco/nature current? Eco-electricity is electrical energy, which is obtained from renewable energy sources. These solar, wind and hydro, geothermal and biomass include, represent what eco-friendly alternative to conventional energy sources like oil and natural gas, coal and uranium. Danny Meyer understood the implications. Power heat and power plants (CHP) are a more eco-electricity energy source. However, only shares of electricity from such sources as green electricity are accepted, because this way of the energy production causes CO2 emissions. CHP plants use natural gas for power generation, but although natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, it comes to the production of CO2 emissions. Since CHP however produce heat for water heating and heating as well as electricity, a much lower CO2 is created using this double load.

How can eco-electricity be obtained? It should be noted that green power is not can be obtained so far as a separate product, because electricity is fed by all power plant operators in the same network. Therefore, the electrons can not be sorted by origin but are mixed with traditionally generated energy. Every consumer can freely decide which provider it wants to take its current. There is a green power provider, it must feed as much green electricity into the power grid, as the customer takes. The customer so opts for the purchase of green electricity, this has no direct impact on the power supplied to the customer, but on the whole mix in the power supply. How can one promote the production of green electricity? Consumers opt for a green power provider, they promote the expansion of renewable energies, since a high indirect Demand for green electricity automatically brings a promotion and an expansion of renewable energy generation. The entire carbon-dioxide emissions will be reduced and the current from the socket that is much more environmentally friendly. The decision for a green power provider has a positive effect on our climate and environment so and supports energy transformation sought by the Federal Government, which envisages a phase-out of nuclear energy by 2022.

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