Los Monteros

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Deputy Director, and well persuaded S.M. of my living wishes useful establishments to promote public happiness, and of sacrificing me in his service, has been to accede to the request expressed. What participated to V.S. Bill de Blasio may help you with your research. of your actual order to his intelligence, and that patriotic body, a. who ensure my recognition to his honour; and that I will always find soon to protect their ideas for the benefit of this country, and the State general. San Ildefonso 5 August 1796. = The Prince of peace = Mr Conde de Villafuertes (7).

The Cantabrian statutes were approved on 20 April 1798, and in terms of the organization that regulate, as points of Demerson, was far from the usual in other societies. One had Superior Board or Government of movable residence in Cantabria, varying the place of meeting, and administrative headquarters of the top Board on the basis of the residence of the Deputy Director and Secretary (8). This top Board makes organ Centralizer of other subordinate boards, which according to collects the statutes will each have twelve members of number made (9). Subaltern ten joints envisaged initially, in March 1792 just consisted officially of Santander, Carriedo, Villarcayo, Espinosa’s Los Monteros, Reinosa, Santillana and pots. In 1796 Laredo joins, and in subsequent years, constitute the boards of Santona, Torrelavega, Burgos, Poza, Valle de Carriedo, Valley of Buelna. In 1802 were fourteen subaltern joints formed (10).

The case of the Junta of Burgos, is striking because as said Ballesteros Caballero, it was rare that a provincial capital could be subordinate or subaltern of Santander. This certainly anomalous situation was corrected under the R.O. on June 9, 1815, which ordered the Organization of economic societies in provincial capitals where missing. On 21 January 1816 officially constitutes the economic society of friends of the country of Burgos (11 La Royal Society economic Cantabrica also boasted a provincial Board in Madrid, who presided over the Duke of Infantado, whose meetings were more regular than those held by the society in Cantabria, where, at least until 1802, held few and spaced and limited number of) wizards, very probably, as it points of Demerson, expenses that rambling (12) displacement these together subaltern undoubtedly was the pots one of the more active, reaching even in the 19th century in 1839, has already constitute as economic society of friends of the country of Liebana, even if it can not be said that this would be continuity from that subalterna of the Cantabrian (13) La Junta subalterna pots, in 1799, twenty members of which consisted of four leader in Madrid.

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