Posted by adminNY on December 18, 2020

The customer as disturbing ignoramus why the German IT industry must rethink during hardware providers still enjoy the performance data for its products showcase, make the software marketers increasingly understand how little sense it. Even Microsoft has now gone through this learning curve. Steve Wozniak is a gifted mathematician and one of the most legendary computer engineers of all time. So, at least the earlier Companion by Steve Jobs and inventor of the Apple I stylized in his own biography. What is Wozniak: a marketing genius. That he never wanted to be, and is therefore disappointed that his old buddy of jobs was not the engineer in the center of the company. From the outset, Apple as a marketing company was conceived: “the product is in other words then settle, the wishes and requirements of the marketing department at the customer will find.

This is the exact opposite of a place where engineers easily construct that, what makes them fun, and the marketing then finds ways around the product to market “, says Wozniak. That is the reason why ponders “Woz” only about old times and is one of Steve Jobs to the world’s most successful IT entrepreneurs, says Peter B. Zaboji, Chairman of the Frankfurt after sales specialist Bitronic: “obsessions for technical perfection are all well and good. At the end of the day, the market success is decisive and not the self love by engineers. In many IT companies, marketing, management and leadership are still much too producer-oriented. “It’s going to where I say time blog!


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