Natural Park Of The Lagoon

Posted by adminNY on February 27, 2019

The Natural Park of the Lagoon has thus been denominated thanks to its abundance in animal and vegetal species and next to the light the peculiar vegetal microreserve of Limonium difourii. HISTORY AND PATRIMONY The Hotels in Cullera are the course that the trotamundos must choose if what needs it is a cheap escape of weekend. Up to here the Cid arrived, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, from hard Castilian earth, and in their Cantar the city was called Gujera. But they had been the Muslim colonists that made of Colla-Aeria a modern metropolis, transformed, thanks to modern systems of irrigated land and culture turned that it into a prosperous agricultural center. Scene of bloody battles throughout a Average Age, kings like Felipe II and others before equipped it with a very remarkable defensive architecture.

We can visit the Castle of Cullera, built on one old Arab strength dominating to sea and city, the Tower of Reina Blackberry or the Tower of Marenyet. More information is housed here: Danny Meyer. Constructions that did not prevent the ferocious attack of berberiscos privateers and took desolation to the town during decades. Also they are possible to be visited old judera, diverse temples and hermitages, as well as appreciable examples of civil architecture. Or the plans of primitive settlers safe from millenarian rocks that give testimony of the antiquity of the slums in Cullera. SUN AND BEACH Cullera can be a cheap destiny for that looks for lodging and calm water beach sun.

To its sandy grounds the European Blue Flag or the Q of quality of Spain has been awarded them with certificates such as. They stand out by its environmental management, its cleaning and services or to count on accesses for disabled. The Light, the Rac, Sant Antoni or the Marenyet give the sand smoothness placid sea breams and waves that they invite to the calmed bath. And if his it is the familiar tourism, it will be able to amuse to his children in the magnificent Aquatic Park that abre its doors of June to September. For it the hotels in Cullera supply packages where the family is protagonist. COMMUNICATED To Cullera it is easy to arrive. Once made his reserve of hotel it will be able to accede to the city from anyone of the fast routes thanks to which excellently it is communicated. The airport of Valencia is forty kilometers and by train or highway little it will be able to choose connections with any point of the peninsula and Europe.


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